When passing through hell…

…do not, under any circumstances, stop to take selfies.

Winston Churchill is credited with originating many extraordinary expressions; however, there is no evidence that he was the first to say: If you’re going through hell keep going. Hells-bells, as far as I know he may have never even said it.

Fun fact:  The quote generally attributed to “WC” was most likely first read (not heard) in the October 30, 1943 issue of the “Christian Science Sentinel” journal.

Someone once asked a man how he was. He replied, “I’m going through hell!” Said his friend: “Well, keep on going. That is no place to stop!” If you seem to be going through the deep waters of physical anguish and cannot for the moment seem to gain the understanding which binds the strong man, keep on going—keep on clinging to Truth, and hear again the comforting, strengthening message, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” God, divine Love, is eternally sustaining His child, and will “bind the power of pain” as surely as the summer sun will melt the stubborn frost.

The passage above was written by a Christian Science lecturer and editor named John Randall Dunn, but the dialog was attributed to an unnamed man and his anonymous friend. 

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