The word reckless at first glance does not make much sense.

I am thinking the word fearless (without fear) makes sense but reckless (without (w)reck?) – not so much.

But then I read this:

Old English receleas “careless, thoughtless, heedless,” earlier reccileas, from *rece, recce “care, heed,” from reccan “to care” (see reck (v.)) + -less. The same affixed form is in German ruchlos, Dutch roekeloos “wicked.” Root verb reck (Old English reccan) is passing into obscurity.

So maybe it does make sense in the sense that reck ≠ wreck.

For what it is worth, just saw the movie Hustlers with J-Lo and a whole lot of T & A. What some chix will do for money!

32 thoughts on “The word reckless at first glance does not make much sense.

    1. It does so much more than just that!

      I meant what the girls in the movie (based on a true story) did to make money. Do not want to spoil the movie (yet) for anyone who plans on seeing it.

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        1. I take your word for it, amigo; Brazilian Portuguese is a truly love-ly language. What influences are there in it? Do I even hear a bit of Greek?…Just beautiful. Robertito – or you – could read me the phone book, don’tcha know.? -smile-

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        2. It is the sexiest language ever. I used to have a Brazilian GF. Made or should I say begged her to only speak her native tongue when we were getting frisky. Made it harder for my nosey neighbors to understand her pillow talk too. So there is that.

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      1. This won’t ‘nest” where I’d like in the convo, but an article I saw about the single-release from 2012 says it was J-Lo’s first-ever effort to sing in Portuguese…I grant you that ‘authenticity’ is not my first thought concerning Ms. Lopez, but maybe she deserves a bit of slack here?

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    1. Sorry! ST, could you edit this out, so it’s not taking up valuable space, since I can’t edit comments that aren’t on my own posts, pretty please/thank you kindly?

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  1. Nah, it’s okay; just disappointed that the second video didn’t post, no bi thing…Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why you should [edit the comment], either…

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    1. I am guessing that your “no bi thing…” comment would make perfect sense on my perfect job/ worst profession for a girlfriend OP.

      Speaking of which, now that the State has made it legal there is no social stigma. Just sayen’

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  2. This song is dedicated to my first best friend who also died way too soon. He taught me how to sail. His father graduated from MIT in the 1950s or 60s (I cannot remember but back when it meant something.) with a degree in electrical engineering. I used to volunteer and work the midnight shifts when they did there annual telethons. A Hollywood actress there on ‘orders’ made me begin to think that there were things more interesting than hitting a slider for a double. FYI: I hated pulling the ball on purpose, especially a fastball. I hit where it was pitched. Played against the Universidad de Chile and Chile’s PanAm (hardball – men) team.

    We, a random bunch of Americans, kicked their careers – generally speaking with ease.

    Yes: Roundabout

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  3. A favorite song from happy, long-ago days for me, too…(Anyone you considered a best friend must’ve been blessed, indeed.) Peace enfold him, and fill your memories!

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