Are The DJ’s of America Rebelling?

In the past few days since Thanksgiving, I have heard “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on the radio no less than 10 or 15 times. The only time I listen to the radio is on the ten minute drive back and forth from my mother’s house. This song is being played so often this year that I am beginning to hate it, but I love the fact that it’s being played so often. Are the DJ’s and radio stations of America telling the politically correct crowd where to go? I hope so.

14 thoughts on “Are The DJ’s of America Rebelling?

  1. I spoke too soon. I was vaguely aware that John Legend had done a remake, but hadn’t looked too much into it, until of course after posting this post. For those who may be curious, here are the rewritten lyrics 😦

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside
    John Legend
    I really can’t stay (baby, it’s cold outside)
    I’ve got to go away (but, I can call you a ride)
    This evening has been (I’m so glad you that you dropped in)
    So very nice (time spent with you is paradise)
    My mom will start to worry (I’ll call the car and tell him to hurry)
    My daddy will be pacing the floor (wait, what are you still livin’ home for?)
    So, really, I’d better scurry (your driver, his name is Murray)
    But maybe just a half a drink more (oh, we’re both adults, so who’s keepin’ score)
    What will my friends think? (I think they should rejoice)
    If I have one more drink? (It’s your body and your choice)
    Ooh you really know how (your eyes are like starlight now)
    To cast a spell (one look at you and then I fell)
    I ought to say, “No, no, no, sir” (then you really ought to go, go, go)
    At least I’m gonna say that I tried (well, Murray, he just pulled up outside)
    I really can’t stay
    (I understand, baby)
    Baby, it’s cold outside
    I simply should go (text me when you get home)
    Oh, I’m supposed to say no (mm, I guess that’s respectable)
    This welcome has been (I feel lucky that you dropped in)
    So nice and warm (but you better go before it storms)
    My sister will be suspicious (well, gosh your lips look delicious)
    My brother will be there at the door (oh, he loves my music, baby, I’m sure)
    My gossipy neighbor’s vicious (I’m a genie, tell me what your wish is)
    But maybe just a cigarette more (oh, that’s somethin’ we should probably explore)
    I’ve got to get home (oh, baby, I’m well aware)
    Say, lend me a coat (oh, keep it girl, I don’t care)
    You’ve really been grand (I feel good to touch me hands)
    Don’t you see? (I want you to stay, it’s not up to me)
    There’s bound to be talk tomorrow (well, they can talk, what do they know)
    At least there will be plenty implied (oh, let their mind do this, and-)
    Ma’am, I really can’t stay
    Baby, just go
    It’s cold, baby
    It’s cold, baby
    But, ooh, I don’t wanna go
    It’s cold outside
    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: John Stephens / Natasha Rothwell
    Baby, It’s Cold Outside lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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  2. “This song is being played so often this year that I am beginning to hate it, but I love the fact that it’s being played so often.”

    Giggle. Agree.

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  3. The original is a perfectly harmless song celebrating heterosexual courtship, which is why it had to be Bowdlerized. Normal heterosexual behavior is being marginalized and criminalized.
    Only 8:short years ago, my daughter and her boyfriend (high school seniors)sang the original song as a duet at our Valentine party, to everyone’s delight. I guess that was right before the PC, anti-male storm broke. The “land of lost content”…..( that’s “conTENT”, not CONtent….

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