Green on Blue Attacks: Hell of a way to die.

I cannot possibly imagine the additional grief added to the inexplicable loss of a son/ husband/ father/ brother then to realize that it was at the hands of a so called military ally.

You may have seen the following comment somewhere before. I thought it is an idea that might catch on within our DOD if they hear it somewhere. Then again, I expect it is acceptable collateral damage as long as they are not at risk. Which by the way, being in the DOD is relatively non-risk for those who assiduously avoid the combat arms occupations; and, anyone who says this is acceptable collateral damage has never been a trigger puller.

When I was with Blackwater if we were training the local mohammedans a few of our guys would always be locked & loaded and standing in the back of the classroom on alert for any nonsense such as this. None were ever tempted to ‘act out’ like this. Had anyone even raised an eyebrow in a threatening manner, he would have been shot immediately, no questions asked, no warning shots given, and no time-outs offered.

I guess our DOD is too PC to protect our guys. After all, what are the lives of a few good American military guys worth in exchange for not hurting the House of Islam’s feelings? Apparently – not much/ not enough to take the precautions necessary to prevent it.

Apparently our best & brightest decision makers would not want to hurt the feelings of those murderous followers of mohammed who are intent on waging jihad (not internal struggle) on the House of War.

27 thoughts on “Green on Blue Attacks: Hell of a way to die.

  1. Lord, have mercy; bring peace to those whose lives were cruelly taken; strength and consolation to families/unit mates/friends/survivors who must carry on. Amen. (.And help me not wanna strangle some PC DOD tool, who’s on CAIR’s payroll, please and thank You.)

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  2. Somebody pls explain why we are training Saudi nationals on our military bases to begin with? SA is one of the richest countries in the world- train your own dudes- and “allies” though they may profess to be, the Royal family continues to build madrassas that sponsor jihadism. If 9/11 wasn’t enough, let’s not forget this is not the first time a Muslim has taken fire on an American military base.

    Other than the tragedy of lost American lives, think of the morale crisis this has to be causing amidst our troops. As much as I approve of nearly everything the Don says and does, I really didn’t need to hear our president quote the King “The Saudi people love the American people.” Neither did the families of those American soldiers attacked…

    I am so infuriated, it makes me want to commit jihad.

    (This is a copy and paste from my commentary on Happy Warriors.)

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  3. We train them so we can sell them stuff. Let them buy their stuff from the ChiComs as far as I care. Actually, I think we sell them stuff that they contract to get trained on. My advice, at this point (to borrow a phrase), would be to let the companies that sell them stuff get those contracts.

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    1. That’s what I know but why do we have to sell them stuff? Why, with all that capital, are they not capable of manufacturing themselves?

      What does this say about that culture? Americans may be obsessed with making the donuts but we sure know how to use them to make the best of everything and train the most efficient military on the planet.

      Whew… I need a lot of questions answered right now. I just refuse to tolerate anymore unnecessary tragedy.

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    1. Exactly Nanda. We have plenty of oil in North America to meet our needs for 100 years but we have Democrat candidates running for president who want to eliminate FRACKING!!

      P.S. Pls explain the ref to sailors. I’m so verklempt right now it would be easy for me to miss your point.

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    1. What attracted you to BW initially? What sort of assignments did you like best/least?
      (Loves me some Jethro Tull…Thank you.)
      I better stretch out; my right hip and knee are acting wonky; Blessed Sunday and peace be with you! Both posts will drop here first, later today. Chao for now….

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        1. Ah, putting food in yours and others’ mouths, a roof over their heads, etc. No doubt….Solid reason. (Enjoy Johnny, too.)

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  4. Now, THAT comment re-triggered me! God I hate that turbaned termagant! I wish Congresspeople had to be native-born.
    And as ST pointed out earlier: the 9/11 murderers were Saudis, right? A flight school operator in Fla called the FBI cuz he thot it was weird that they just wanted to learn to steer but not to land. ( Natcherly, they did nuthin’.). And NOW, to find out that we’re training lots of ‘em to fly warplanes without even Inquiring as to whom the trainees might wanna use ‘em against? Truly, we are the dodo bird among the nations…..

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    1. Hypatia, agree re: “native-born”, but that definition doesn’t clearly exist, does it? Shall we try for ‘non-Somali, non-turban-wearing, non-xenophobic, non-termagant’ by an act of Congress, for starters? She and the “Michiganian/Michigander” need to be expelled….Simply loathsome and stuck on “stupid”, to boot.

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      1. Re: Michigander Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: She represents Dearborn Heights which is the most densely populated Muslim neighborhood in the country. It also is the poorest and the most violent in the state.

        I was taking a taxi from Detroit Metro to my high school reunion years ago and the driver had to make an exit off the freeway due to traffic to get me to my suburban destination. Every storefront sign was written in Arabic and the streets were in complete shambles. My taxi driver who happened to be black, was a tad freaked out and asked me if it was ok if we returned to the freeway and sat in traffic for 30 minutes.

        He didn’t have to ask me twice!

        Definition of bizarre: A Caucasian suburban girl and black resident of downtown Detroit had a long and deliciously politically incorrect conversation about Islam.

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