Feminism Means Never Having To Say, Thank You.

Why are feminists so intent on sending women into combat? I think it is because they can’t stand the idea of ever saying Thank You to men, especially conservative men. And nowadays, most veterans are conservatives.

19 thoughts on “Feminism Means Never Having To Say, Thank You.

  1. JaC, it might also be that they want *other* women—who aren’t like them—to die instead of them…Angry, bitter, old things. Merry Christmas! Btw.

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    1. My Dad, who passed away in August, was the best, in every way. My next post will be about him.

      For now, it will be have to be enough to say that Dad was opposed to sending women into battle. He fought in the Pacific during WWII; he was a member of a group called “The Forty Fools”, so dubbed because they volunteered to go into Peleliu. To say that he knew what war is would be the understatement of all time; to say that he was against sending women off to war would also be the understatement of all time.

      The post about my Dad will be up very soon.

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    1. It won’t be DC Comics “Wonder Woman”, you can bet. Although Margaret Sanger – eugenics popularizer, founder of Planned Parenthood, proto-feminist – was an early fan. I don’t look good in hats – at least not handcrafted pink ones – I have to say,

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  2. “Why are feminists so intent on sending women into combat?”

    They’re just yakking and not even considering the significance of physical strength. Sorry ladies, men in general are simply bigger and stronger. If my house was on fire, I would not like to see a firefighter of my size hauling a 600 lb hose. On the other hand, former VP Cheney awarded several Medals of Honor to female paramedics who saved many lives in the Mid-East.

    What’s curious to me is that women seem to think their comparatively slighter physique makes them the inferior sex. We give birth, don’t we (?) and I cannot imagine a more difficult experience than that!

    Both sexes have their individual strengths. Let’s celebrate that and more importantly, enjoy it.

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  3. There is an article in the Marine Corps Gazette (or something like that) written by a USMC female officer whose experience in war made her stop menstruating and all kinds of other problems as I recall. She is good with women in the military but not in the front lines/ grunts.

    Let me see if I can dig up her article. Ya’ll would appreciate her perspective, of that I am sure.

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  4. July 21, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – America’s compulsive feminist impulse has pushed women into ever-more unconventional roles, but if Marine Captain Katie Patronio has her way, one of them will never be infantry combat.

    In an article for the Marine Corps Gazette, Captain Petronio advises the military to “Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal,” opining that women’s bodies are not able to take the punishment of long military careers involving infantry operations, and warning that the Marines will experience “a colossal increase in crippling and career-ending medical conditions for females” if they are placed in such roles.

    Petronio drew on her own difficult experience in combat conditions, which ended in serious physical damage despite a promising start in the elite military branch.

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  5. From another article:

    Think about this:

    When she entered the military, Petronio was ardently for women in combat
    She could bench almost 150 pounds (very impressive)
    She scored a 292 out of 300 on the Marine physical fitness test (truly a top-notch athlete)
    She was in the top 20% of performers in Basic Training

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