Simon’s Letter to President Trump

This is a copy of the letter on “Winning the Peace” which Simon is going to send to President Trump. You can read more about Winning the Peace here...,,,,,,,,

Dear President Trump,

I retired a few years ago from the U.S. Marine Corps. During my years of active duty, I worked counterdrug riverine operations in the five Andean ridge countries of South America from the mid-1990s until 9/11, and have served all over the globe in countries such as Mongolia and Uzbekistan.  After retiring, I did a tour with Blackwater in Herat, Afghanistan followed by half a dozen years in AFRICOM’s J3 Current Operations section in Germany. I have watched with great interest what you are doing in the area of foreign policy, and I strongly support what you are doing. The foreign policy establishment which was in place before you were elected has been making naive and even reckless decisions for decades. You know this. 
I have lived and served in various foreign countries throughout my career, and have seen up close the disaster that is our foreign policy establishment. I believe that I can offer unique insights into how to create a foreign policy apparatus within the DOD that betters both America and our allies. A few years ago, I put these ideas into writing and called it FAO-Lite (attached); I briefed FAO-Lite to General Neller who was my Commanding General (3d Marine Division) at the time. He was very supportive of my ideas, but life and the military were pulling both of us in directions which made it impossible to pursue further at that time.  Although FAO-Lite was narrowly focused on the Marine Corps roll in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, my concept has now expanded to a global strategy designed to bring about and/or enhance international peace and prosperity.
I have great confidence in you, President Trump, and your ability to turn things around.  I am sending you the brief which I presented to General Neller along with this letter so that you can see the initial concept.  If anyone on your staff thinks the concepts spelled out in that 2009 brief to then Major General Neller are worth pursuing, I am at your service to explain the expanded strategy that I a call Winning the Peace.
Thank you for everything you do for this country; thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
Semper Fidelis,

Simon Templar

8 thoughts on “Simon’s Letter to President Trump

      1. What kind of idiot would listen to a naval reservist (be that individual a man or a woman) on military (or much of anything for that matter) tactics, techniques, and procedures?

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