Thailand Cures Coronavirus With Cocktail of HIV and Flu ‘Meds’

Something is not right. This very deadly virus originated from the same province within China where they also have a biological weapons type laboratory.

It is late here and that is all I’ve got for now but you will be hearing more about this soon enough. China is suppressing the truth as per SOP and the main-stream media is failing the American public, also as per usual.

I would advise against non-essential air travel for now, maybe longer.

I believe that President Trump has ordered a restriction on travel to the US from China. Hopefully he will impeach any judge who stays this executive order.

Good evening from the land of smiles.

17 thoughts on “Thailand Cures Coronavirus With Cocktail of HIV and Flu ‘Meds’

  1. Thank you Simon for this public service announcement even though I will probably never see China in my lifetime. I did do a day trip once to the SE provinces while in HK one year (via Macau water foil) but I won’t ever see the Great Wall.

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  2. Scary thing is, if (presently): you have to come into contact with a Contaminated-by-sputum object, uh, nobody should be getting on a airplane which has been in international transit. Really, how assiduously do you think planes, every armrest, etc, are cleaned? And with what? Like, furniture polish?
    Yeah, the Black Plague bacillus at first had a vector: fleas on rats. But then it went airborne. And people started dying in droves just from having been in the same room with an infected person. Bacilli go through hundreds of generations in 24 hrs. The rate of adaptational mutation is that fast.

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      1. It’s like in our country every flu season.( And yes,,the flu is a force to be reckoned with, as you know if you’ve ever had it! ) In a public place, say, a restaurant: everybody touches the back of the chair, the menu, the salt shaker, the ketchup bottle. Oh no, the bacilli are sooo much more mobile and adaptable than we multi-celledorganisms are! Pray, if that’s your thing, that it doesn’t go airborne…..

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  3. Reporters are amazed that the ChiComs built one hospital in Wuhan in something like eight days, and are now throwing a second one together just as quickly.

    I am amazed at why the ChiComs, never known for their humanitarianism, are going to such expense unless they know more than they are telling the public.

    They have lied about this from the get-go. They are like the Democrats. To know what is really going on you have to watch what they are doing while ignoring everything they say.

    My guess is this strain of virus was man-made/ enhanced/ weaponized in one of Wuhan’s bio-warfare research labs and somehow escaped.

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  4. You go girl!

    Would you mind cross-posting it here too for the benefit of your sister ‘Ettes, our ST Unleashed! followers, worldwide lurkers, and me – pretty please?

    Just a request na


  5. I was going to do an update but have not yet felt up to the task, so win-win if you don’t mind.

    Hypatia, if you don’t want to cross-post it here for any reason whatsoever, I am totes kool with that. Really & Truly.


    1. I’m fine with cross posting, but I dk how. (And I know you’ll believe me,) if I email it to you, can you post it? Nanda did that once for me, and Judy has offered to do it for our new readers.

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  6. P.S. It seems that the Thai medical peeps were onto something when they experimented with anti-HIV/AIDs drugs/medicines. There are some rumors circulating that the coronavirus, if manmade, has an HIV/AIDS component to it. More than interesting, we are living in deadly scary times if what I and others suspect is true.


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