A Good Man is Hard to Find…

but I found one 22 yrs ago.

I had a very bad week; after 8 months living in our new home in a “gated” community, we were robbed and my engagement ring from 22 years ago was stolen. Needless to say I was crushed and didn’t even get out of bed yesterday. My husband took charge- police, insurance company and then showed me this picture of what was coming in 4-5 weeks.

No consult : https://www.bluenile.com/build-your-own-ring/grandeur-cushion-halo-diamond-engagement-ring_61902

10 thoughts on “A Good Man is Hard to Find…

  1. For those of you who have not experienced being burglarized like this, awful does not begin to describe the agony. It is like being violated in the worst of all possible ways.

    May the Lord bring you, Liz, comfort and a plague of flat tires onto the perps’ stolen vehicles.

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    1. Thanks all for the kind words y’all. I’m just pissed because I work very hard to buy nice things and live in nice neighborhoods and I just can’t believe that in a first world country, this is the third robbery I’ve experienced in 20 years!

      I’m afraid Simon, it’s up to you to continue to post funny and outrageous things. Oddly enough, you calm me down by distracting me.

      Bet that comment is a first! 🙂

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