To My Valentine

Cut me to the bone with your tongue

Break my heart with tortures

But my love

When you turn your smile onto me

The pain and heartbreak go away

And I recall why and that

I love you©

10 thoughts on “To My Valentine

    1. This is the original original version. I have just now copied it from the back of some scratch paper (actually a receipt from Appleby’s where I was dining alone on a previous St. Vatentine’s Day) onto which I had jotted it down.

      I showed it to my waitress, and I swear to God I saw her eyes tear-up a bit as she read it.

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  1. It was written for Miss BKK what turned to be just two months before we split up for the last time. She abandoned me for a man about 1/2 my age. We still talk.


    1. If it’s any consolation, I don’t believe in “one” great love/soul mate. I thought I had one (before I met my husband) who dumped me at 26 for a 22 yr old! I thought I would die and it actually affected my work. I ran into him 5 yrs after our break-up (he had already thrown over the 22 yr old for someone else) and I felt nothing but relief.

      Believe me when I tell you things do work out for the best.

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      1. Not so much anymore now that she is married, and I suspect it will be even less often going forward. Mainly I call her if I need free legal advice or some help with cultural stuff. For example, she recently gave me an excellent primer on the conditions under which a ‘bride price’ should or should not be paid and the factors that go into figuring the amount to be paid to the bride’s parents. She has also contacts with unique and quite enlightening perspectives.

        We recently talked about her desire to come up to Chiang Rai to see the annual Hot AIr Balloon Festival (happening now; pix to follow) but she eventually backed out. Maybe her new hubby did not support the idea? He lives in Dubai.

        Sometimes she has work-related issues that she asks for advice. Not the legal aspects obviously, but more about office dynamics and tensions that she has as a young, attractive female in what is still very much a ‘man’s world.’

        My point is that we stopped dating but remain friends & friendly towards each other. It is a bit awkward but I hope we can maintain some sort of platonic relationship. Then again, maybe it is best if we say goodbye and go our separate ways? We didn’t make it primarily due to the age difference but I think there are still feelings.

        Hypatia, does that answer your question ma’am?


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