Sugar-Baby Problems, Oh My!

Kung Flu is creating unparalleled hardships, as I alluded to a while back, vis-a-vis sugar-babies and their benefactors. My greatest concern during the current crisis is how to maintain social distancing in homes that are suddenly chockablock with light-brown Sugar?

Advice and consent from first-world geniuses with experience in handling complex, coed, intergenerational and cross-cultural sheltering in place issues would be most appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Sugar-Baby Problems, Oh My!

  1. Why is it not good enough to look down into the eyes of a beautiful woman while making love to her? We yearn for more than just the physical. We are hard-wired to want to love those with whom we make love.

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  2. Remember when I awoke from a fevered dream recently to tell you the past redefines the present? It is a continuous feedback loop of 20-20 clarification from present to future and back to past. More on this matter if I catch the Flu Manchu.

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