QotD 10 April 2020: He also started the group “Metta Tantric Therapy” which John Walker told me was pornographic.

~10¢ (AKA: 10) rat king* of the mischief

Either John Walker (JW) and/or 10 is lying/ a liar/ liars because there was nothing in the group as in nada. My short lived group {Metta Tantric Therapy (AKA: The Simon Tao [TST])} was created to bring the concept of the Golden Rule to the sinners and/or members of L2. There wasn’t anything in my group. It was shut down before I had the chance to explain the intent of that ill fated group. Yes boys and girls you heard me right, JW and 10 invented the reasons for which they banned me. FULL STOP

So why was I banned for life from Walker’s vanity blog? (W’s VB)

  1. I was unhappy with 10 when called my home out of the blue and asked him from whom he had obtained my unlisted phone number. To this day he has never told me what was the purpose of that call or how he got my number. I suspect 10 turned his colony of rats loose on me because I hurt his feelings by not keeping his overture to me top secret.
  2. I was suspended from commenting on W’s VB for stating I knew the reason Lion Air’s Flight 610 on October 29, 2018 crashed. JW has poor English language reading comprehension and thought I was talking about Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 that crashed some four months later on March 10, 2019. JW’s comment to me:

Are you seriously asserting that you know the proximate cause of an airliner hull loss which caused the death of 159 people less than 24 hours ago, before independent investigators have arrived at the scene of the crash, analysed the flight data and cockpit voice recorders, and read out data from the instruments which might provide evidence of the causes of this tragedy?

And then, are you claiming that this knowledge you have (from where?) is being actively suppressed by those who want to hide this supposed “truth”?

Single-line comments (without proper capitalisation or punctuation) do not contribute to discussion of something as complicated as an airline accident.  Accident investigations take months.  Anybody claiming “inside, hidden information” should be prepared to cite sources.

—Note to JW: Don’t work so hard at being the smartest guy in the room. I neither seriously nor not seriously asserted any such thing, dude. One (h/t – 10) looks retarded, even to his mouth breathing sycophants, when he responds to comments wished for but not actually written.

3. JW and 10: Cite sources and/or link to a plethora of charts & graphs proving my group was pornographic.

In summary, I was initially suspended for stating I knew why the first Boeing 737 MAX went down. This was after 10 and JW had Liked comments alleging I was a NAZI, rapist, and human trafficker. When I did not grovel at the rat king’s feet, he allowed other members to defame my character and call me a lost soul, lowlife, and many other names unsuitable for print on this, my financially friendly site. When JW & 10 de-platformed me, in an attempt at humor I changed my name on W’s VB which they inexplicably call family friendly** while discussing topics such as rimming (do not ask Mr. Google!), licking toilet bowls, and the pros/cons of wearing a condom when inside supermodels.

Speaking of which, someone please point to anything 10 has ever written that is interesting or novel. While you’re at it please explain to me why if JW can write code he is paying over 2000€ per year to WordPress to host his and 10¢ vanity blog?

*A rat king is an unusual phenomenon where a large number of rats become intertwined by their tails due to extreme conditions and inordinate amounts of blood, dirt and excrement.

The rat king was seen as a bad omen in Europe through medieval times and into the 18th century, when cases eventually diminished due to the emergence of the brown rat. In some instances, physical evidence shows that rat kings could survive for extended periods of time despite their obvious physical disadvantages. This is seen in some mummified examples in which calluses have formed around the fractures of the tails.

**We already know that 10 does not know the meaning of ‘anthropos’ which he believes means man and/ or men but does not include women. He also somehow believes logos means study. His reading comprehension in English is no better than that of his evil sidekick, JW.

To help both “JW” and “10,” I will define family friendly. It means one (again h/t – 10) does not talk about sexual conquests on L2 because we are all incels gathered for purposes of rat pack onanism.



P.S. JW, dude try using spellcheck, a dictionary or something. Capitalization is not spelled the way you think it is. I remember from a 5th grade spelling bee.

P.P.S. Why will 10 not even respond to Judy’s request to have her membership reinstated?

22 thoughts on “QotD 10 April 2020: He also started the group “Metta Tantric Therapy” which John Walker told me was pornographic.

  1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thank you 10 for spending so much of your time perusing Unleashed! and also for attempting to imitate my photos and writing style.

    The operative word in that last sentence is attempting, fyi.

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  2. We can all see that 10 is literally devastated by the needless deaths caused by nCOVID-19. It seems like his compassion for his fellow man has almost put him into the fetal position due to all the stress of having his heart ripped out every time someone he has never met and couldn’t care less about dies.

    I want to do a thought experiment. Do you believe he would be happy or sad if I were to come done with WuFlu?

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  3. One thing we can all be grateful for during this Easter season it that 10¢’s employer does not mind that he spends 24/7/11 on W’s VB. I wish I could find work like that.

    Speaking of which: 10, would you ask your boss to hire me too? Tell him I will work out of my home right here in northern Thailand.

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    1. Pretty sure that blog is his job, and someone is paying him. I just cannot fathom anyone spending 24/7 on a blog for free, and cannot imagine any real life employer putting up with it.

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      1. We really don’t know much about that guy do we? He has been on one blog or another for almost 10 year and we have no idea about what he does for a living or whether or not he is gay. Do you think he may be sucking JW’s cock? Speaking of which, I would think it would not be easy to perform felatio on such a tiny worm. Your thoughts?


        1. It is weird, though, that he has been known on the internet for so long and for so often, and yet the only thing we know about him is that he supposedly (?) lives in Japan. Most of us like to talk about ourselves and our lives and people we know: not him. It is weird.

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  4. 1. Please L2 lurkers, point to one thing 10 has written that you found interesting.

    2. While you’re at it, point to one OP or comment JW has written on his vanity blog that was interesting.

    3. Name something either one of them has done that is inspirational and makes you willing to follow and comment on their ridiculously uninspiring OPs.

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  5. “Why will 10 not even respond to Judy’s request to have her membership reinstated?”

    I hope he doesn’t because I’m selfish and think we should have her all to ourselves. She fits in here perfectly, relieves a lot of Chinggis scolding from me (!) and could be a great asset for recruiting new members.

    Her remarks regarding the TITS organization were priceless.

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