How many Muslim women inside Saudi Arabia do you hear…

…protesting about anything?

33 thoughts on “How many Muslim women inside Saudi Arabia do you hear…

    1. In college, I was good friends with a girl who was leftist; we knew that we disagreed about politics, but at the time it didn’t matter. Then she started becoming more lefty, and I started becoming more conservative. Finally, I was on the phone with her and she was all excited because they were having a women’s rights thing in China. In China. I tried to point out to her that no one in China has any rights, and its pretty stupid to have a women’s rights thing in a country where no one has any rights; she just said “But it’s for women!” Our friendship kind of petered out after that: I couldn’t deal with that level of stupid anymore. And she is actually very smart: I would bet any amount of money that she would score higher on an IQ test than I would, but when it comes to politics? Dumb as a brick.

      I spent many years feeling kind of guilty about losing touch with her. I never dropped her as a friend, we just lost touch, and that was on both of us, but I still felt kind of guilty about it. Then, I looked her up one day and found her facebook page: she believes that anyone who supports Trump is a white supremacist, and should be-must be-silenced.

      So, its just as well that we lost touch.

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      1. I know, right? The people who are totally convinced that if they had lived during slavery, they would have done the right thing, never do the right thing in the time zone they actually live in. America is over run with rich white women who benefit from affirmative action and never cease whining about how oppressed they supposedly are, but they totally ignore women in places like Saudi Arabia and China who really are oppressed. But they claim that if they had lived during slavery, they would have been on the front lines to stop it. How can anyone take them seriously?

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      2. I don’t see how they can even take themselves seriously. It is only about endlessly acquiring more power. I think Barrack and My Belle are doing the same.
        They have to know they are totes hypocrites but they are impervious to ridicule because they sold their souls to the demon.

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      3. Yup. I was looking at the facebook pages of people I knew in college, and seriously wondering if there was some kind of invasion of the bodysnatchers scenario going on. Gen xers who were conservative-some far more so than I was-back in college are now totally woke. Or so they say. I don’t believe that they have really “evolved”, they just knuckled under.

        I am glad that I lost touch with them, and sad to say that.

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      4. I think it is a mark of ignorance to spend time protesting the sins and social norms of the past. If history tells us anything, it is that a culture should be judged upon its ability to progress and this country has certainly done that.

        Women couldn’t vote or own property (even that belonging to their own family) until 1920. Should I waste time complaining about that or move along with my life and take advantage of the opportunities available to me as a fully recognized American citizen?

        There appears to be a marked desire to encourage women and most minorities to dwell on what was once denied them in order to prevent them from taking full use of what is available to them now.

        Who are truly the misogynists or racists now?

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  1. I guess the ones who were ‘conservative’ in college with you just thought “Alex P. Keaton” was funny; then, they found out he was really a lib-dem delivering lines on TV: Voila! Their true selves emerged….I’m sorry, JaC, that your ‘friends’ have regressed so badly.

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      1. Mouthing what their husbands/brothers/sons are mouthing, too….Iran, Saudi Arabia, fill-in-the-blank. We hear/see what govts want us to see, but I’m not at all certain that everyone *thinks* it.

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  2. On that encouraging note, I’ll call it a day, before I start the next one. (Took everyone to online Mass tonight); spent time with the next installment of CSL. It *may* be ready by mid-week. Be back here later on today. Chao for now. Blessed Sunday! Peace, out….

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      1. Focused on how fricked-up the world is, hermano? I have plenty of other sources for that. Your space is one I rely on for sanity in the midst of seeming chaos – and for the chance to focus on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, just sayin’…..

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      2. How foxtrotted-up is the world, hermanita? How would you deal with the Chinese incursions into your territorial waters if you were the commander of the Philippine Armed Forces?

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      3. “How foxtrotted-up is the world, hermanita? How would you deal with the Chinese incursions into your territorial waters if you were the commander of the Philippine Armed Forces?”

        As promised, a response: Probably not the most strategic answer, but I’d have some of my Western ally ‘big brothers’ do more consistent freedom of navigation exercises – on an ongoing basis – rather than the drive-by, sorta whack-a-mole attempts that don’t discourage for very long. Under that protective cover from the big boys, I might go ‘riverine-style’ on those so-called ‘fishing-boats’ of the ChiComs (in something close to what they’re deploying), to get them thinking that a takeover might not be so easy. (Those Indian troops in that recent border clash with the CCP gave me some hope, actually.) That’s what I’ve got, right now, hermano. Make me smarter, por favor?

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      4. Logistics is where I need some help; maybe talks with member nations of ASEAN (Pacific Rim version of NATO) to see how much support there would be from others who’re sick of being drooled-over by the rapacious CCP. I know Pres. Duterte is enamored of what’s in the ChiComs’ pockets for him, so that’s a snag: Could it be managed over his head/under the radar?) I ask because I don’t know as much as I’d like to.


  3. I would know that the world is messed up without this blog, but I wouldn’t understand just how messed up it really is. You all make me smarter 🙂

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  4. Don’t know but I would imagine that a just before being murdered for family honor a Muslim woman would make a bit of a rukus, but may that’s only her involuntary muscles twitching after her murder.

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    1. I know that this appears to be a normal reaction but it isn’t. With that thought, ST was absolutely right when he described Islam as a “Satanic cult.”

      Islamic women do not value their own lives and this is blasphemy.

      I do think we should realize this and that the Q’uoran is a set of personal whims that the “prophet” designed to further his own horrible goals:

      1. Jihad- best recruiting tool for his great desire to emulate Genghis Khan. Let us kill all infidels so you get that nice package of 22 virgins in the afterlife. Much more effective than “Be all that you can be.”

      2. Multiple wives at any age; this would be described as pedophilia/polygamy in my country.

      3. Stone adulterers and homosexuals in the middle of an arena with fans cheering the murderers on.

      This is no religion.

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      1. Its in Israeli strategic interests to get Arab or Muslim countries to repatriate their Arab refugee populations, who style themselves as “Balestinians”. Arabs can not pronounce the letter P.

        The word “Palestine” has its origins from Greco-Roman times. The modern usage of that European name, Arafat embraced the name as an opportunity and propaganda gift. Today’s Jerusalem post news paper, prior to Israeli national independence went by the name Palestine Post. Yidden dropped the British name in 1948 in favor of the name of my country – Israel.

        Once so name Yidden dropped the Palestine name like its was a red hot poker. Show Arafat to advantage and embraced the name of Palestine – being the political opportunist that he was – back in early 1964. Recall the Balfour Declaration of 1917 employed the name of Palestine, in favor of the ‘establishment of a Jewish National home’.

        Arabs denounced the Balfour Declaration, yet simple folk who rely upon news from news papers, these simple folk fail to grasp that Arabs would never have referred to themselves as Palestinians in 1947. Jews referred to themselves as Palestinians!

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  5. Rule #1: Stateless refugees have no rights. Yidden had no rights for over 2000 years. How shall Israel deal with our Balestinian refugee populations? We need to cause it to rain in the Sahara desert.  The Dead Sea, as the lowest place on the planet earth offers the possibility of building a canal from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea.  By building dams along a deep cut canal, possibly a mile wide at the mouth of the Mediterranean, from that hydro-electric energy achieved, do electrolysis upon the water.  This accomplishes 2 things.  It increases the concentration % of minerals to water.  If the waters from the Mediterranean mixed directly with the waters of the Dead Sea the waters would stratify themselves due to the different concentrations of salt contained within the 2 bodies of water.  A person floats upon the waters of the Dead Sea.

    The electrolysis breaks the water down into oxygen and hydrogen gases.  Simply mix these gases with salt or sand or both and shoot them up into the atmospheric winds blowing/swirling back to the Sahara desert.  The atmospheric pressure changes when the winds elevate to cross over hills.  Saturate the air with oxygen and hydrogen gases and add a spark of lightning and poof — ya got rain.

    The Sahara desert once did not exist as a desert.  The destruction of the rain forests in S. America opens possibilities of transferring the decaying rain forests currently there unto North Africa.  The book Dune talks of climate change and its effects of native population centers.  What if North Africa transformed into the breadbasket of the planet?  Israel trains Arab refugees as farmers and sends them to North Africa to work the newly established farm lands.
    Pie in the sky speculation?  Perhaps.  But finding a solution for the present day stateless Arab refugee populations currently temporarily residing within the borders of the Jewish State requires thinking outside of the box.

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  6. “….requires thinking outside of the box.”

    Indeed, it does, @mosckerr; and yours is some of the sanest re: this conundrum that I’ve seen in a long time: Thank you for it.

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