Yazidi ruling helps children of women kidnapped by ISIS return — Wadi

Ein Interview von Seth J. Frantzman mit Wadi-Geschäftsführer Thomas von der Osten-Sacken vom 26. April 2019, erschienen bei MECRA A new ruling by the Yazidi Supreme Spiritual Council has sought to help solve one of the more complex and controversial traumas the continue to haunt women who were kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS in 2014. […]

Yazidi ruling helps children of women kidnapped by ISIS return — Wadi

25 thoughts on “Yazidi ruling helps children of women kidnapped by ISIS return — Wadi

  1. If you don’t think these women and their families are not negatively impacted by this for at least one generation, then you need to spend more time in honest conversation with rape victims.

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    1. I read it. Horrific doesn’t begin to describe it.

      Islamic extremists such as ISIS use rape a weapon of war, so the U.S. decides to react by…..sending their teenage daughters to war. The mind reels.

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        1. If only it were only the feminists. Lots of different people with different opinions seem to believe that nothing too bad will ever happen to them, because they are American. I don’t know how else to explain why otherwise caring parents are willing to send their daughters to war in the Middle East: it is arrogance and stupidity on a scale never seen before.

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          1. They got too close to the mayor’s house; so she closed down/cleared out the “street festival” in a matter of hours. Never mind the two killings in two weeks during the “summer of love…..Hypocrisy is dangerous.


          2. Also, it will be impossible to come up with an alternative to America when “we” are living under the rule of the Chi-Coms or whoever takes over.

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    1. Meanwhile, the leftists who are turning a blind eye to systemic rape by Muslims never stop screaming about rape in the military. There is no reasoning with these people: we should just call for all women to be kicked out of the military. It’s the only way.

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  2. Bad things happen to all of us but this is unspeakably evil and devastating. There are no words because I don’t believe a woman can ever recover from this type of abuse.

    I at least feel I did my part because a liberal friend sent his Jewish daughter to Lebanon for her gap year and I raised holy hell. I instilled such guilt he made her come home.

    She was upset but will thank me later…

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