There is a scene in the movie American Sniper during which the father is talking about people being either sheep, wolves, or sheepdogs. I think there are a handful of great men who walk amongst us who are willing to go toe-to-toe with evil predators, but they are not sheepdogs.

A wolf kills out of instinct to perpetuate the pack. Evil predators kill for power and the thrill of taking another’s life. Thank God for those anti-predators who go into strange lands in quest of eliminating predators. They are as rare as the Sasquatch and, whenever and wherever they are allowed to do so, keep predators at bay.

52 thoughts on “Anti-Predator

  1. We are eternally in your debt, and in the debt of all men like you: everything we have and everything we are we owe to you and those like you.

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  2. Oh shucks, ma’am. I was thinking of a friend. He was a police detective investigating sex crimes. He resigned before he could murder a pedophile in the interrogation room.

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      1. 🙂 the ma’am word…remains a word showing respect to another. Having raised sheep, the common dog – far worse than a coyote. The latter kills to eat whereas the former – all in fun – herds the sheep against a fence and can kill through suffocation a herd entire.

        Sheep like turkeys not to smart. The wild turkey, its a tremendous game animal. But the domestic turkey, ya have to cut off the tips of their beats – otherwise they will peck each other to death. The meat of a free range bird tastes entirely different than a lool [Hebrew for chicken pen] raised animal. My papa always thought the reason, the latter had no room to scratch the ground with their feet.

        Left the business due to the cruelty of commercially raised birds. A domestic turkey, if it starts raining – they will drown looking up at the sky! Sheep the same category of intelligence. Hence a common derogatory reference to the common man … sheeple, but I prefer the name: Democrats.

        Nothing rips the social fabric like as do sex crimes. White slavery of women thrives in the US, a run away girl – easy pickings for pimps. Shoot her up with heroin, get her addicted – and fresh meat. Alas a lot of young folk, due to their inexperience in life – utterly naive. To me, a sex crime qualifies as a Capital Crime. The offender fit for lynching.

        The Russia aliya of the 90s – a great blessing for the Jewish State. But alas it has brought as a down side the Russian mob/prostitution. Yidden do not favor Capital punishment of sex offenders. Post Shoah camp survivors, with their tatooed numbers ran organized crime in Europe till the early 60s when they voluntarily disbanded. The police could never infiltrate camp mafia survivors.

        One of my rabbonim [Torah teachers] his uncle was in Auschwitz for I do not know how long 3 or 4 years. The brutality well its well documented now. One dude in the camp acclimated to post Shoah life. When he left the camp, he got a machine gun and several hundred rounds of ammunition and walked down the street of the nearest town and randomly shot Germans.

        Since the Eichmann’s trial, the only person ever hanged in Israel, Yidden have changed their perspective about camp survivors. Prior to the trial, camp survivors suffered from contempt and abuse. Why didn’t you fight? But after the trial this resentment melted like butter in an oven [pun intended]. NEVER AGAIN requires definition.

        What exact ripped apart the social fabric of the Weimar Republic? For me, NEVER AGAIN means striving to live my life through the practice of דרך ארץ. That’s a very hard concept to translate. Hillel says in 1:14 in Pirkei Avot, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” . That’s about as good a definition for דרך ארץ that I know.

        Have struggle with the problem of דרך ארץ all my life. Sexual predators have no דרך ארץ. It seems to me that the lack of דרץ ארץ initially thought perhaps the word civility best translates these complex ideas about the emotional mentality of Man. But on closer examination it seems to me that “justice” best defines the term דרך ארץ.

        The role of police, based upon Torah learning, they enforce and carry out the judicial rulings of the Courts. The religious courts disgrace the name Courts. Ritualized observance of decrees made hundreds of years ago – totally sucks eggs. Have greater respect for the professionalism of Vertical בית משפט courts, even though the idea that the State pays the salaries of both the judges and prosecuting attorney’s utter disgusts me.

        The social movement which my commentary to the Talmud seeks to build, strives to establish the Torah as the working Constitution of the Republic of Yidden. The Talmud functions as the model for lateral Common Law Courts. Police need to be kept on a short leash. The current race riots in America testify against police brutality and the independence of police from Court over view.

        America today resembles the anarchy and chaos that prevailed in the Weimar Republic prior to the abomination of Hitler. Americans belittle the concept that civilizations rise or fall due to a lack of דרך ארץ among and between its citizens.


          1. Not everyone. Being dyslexic reading it really taxes me mentally. I have to consciously transfer the information of the one hemisphere of my brain to the other. Could read at about age 2. But to this day, reading aloud represents a daunting task for me. For example: following the death of my little brother, had an obligation to publicly say קדיש in the beit knesset for an entire year. קדיש its a simple prayer mourning the dead, but for me to say it out loud … like pulling teeth. But the Yidden showed me sympathy and permitted me to mourn the death of my brother.


          2. Sorry for the loss of your brother.
            No wonder one cannot have a conversation with you. Please read the first comment on this thread and tell me if it informs you.


          3. Every person has their own stupidity. I am picture oriented due to my dyslexia. It never occurred to me that your sex as a male. My bad. We have never met personally and i made a false assumption. It was my error and not personally intended to insult you.


          4. It is sort of expected that people have the ability to read, understand, and stay somewhat on topic. Apparentely you are not even reading the comments.


          5. My pronouns are male. He, his, him and sir.
            It is bold of you to jump in and address me as female but it reveals something about you that is not in the least bit flattering.


          6. The oath alliance called ברית … not to do acts of theft, oppression, sexual perversion and to establish courts of justice independent from the State.


          7. I told you before that you might be able to add content to our blog. So far you have not. I want you to add not subtract. It is your choice.


          8. I am not really computer literate. These newfangled devices called computers never much interested me until years after the internet changed the social scene.

            I learned how to type on a ribbon typewriter. I do not know how to add content to your blog other than what i have currently done.


          9. How about this? Stay somewhat on topic and read the OP and comments before dropping your pearls of wisdom on our crimson and clover.


          10. Torah bases itself upon cutting an oath brit alliance based upon defined terms. Belief has nothing whatsoever to do with Torah observance.

            Prior to the middle ages the Torah Yidden viewed as a Constitutional document. After about 1000 years in g’lut/exile. Stateless Jewish refugee populations “converted” the Torah as a constitutional/political document unto a religious document as a means in order to survive.

            The church dogma of free will permitted relatively independent religious “beliefs”. So the scholars of the Torah during those times interpreted the Torah and Talmud solely based upon a religious perspective.

            With the reestablishment of the Jewish homeland, bunk on religion. Hence this makes me an atheist praise God.


          11. “Israel accepted the Torah for it to function as the Constitution of the Republic. Not to serve as the basis of theology and religion.”

            This is interesting. How did that make that happen?


          12. The founding fathers of what became known as the United States based their concept of a Republic of States forming a Union based upon the brit/alliance the 12 Tribes swore by which the formed the 1st Republic of the Jewish State.


          13. The founding fathers, quite well versed in the Torah. The comparison of the 13 colonies to the 12 Tribes … easy to make the simple synapse.


  3. Amen to your sentiments, hermano, thanks to you and brothers/sisters who owe their lineage to both wolf and sheepdog: those who wear woodland and/or desert pattern, patrol officer blue, plainclothes, or undercover. I wonder how long we’ll want you all to disappear?

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  4. Amen to that, as well; I was also thinking of the anti-predators who watch over the cities, subways, streets, suburbs, and small towns. How long will we want to live in “Fort Apache: The Bronx” or Thunderdome? We’ll see, won’t we?….

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    1. Leftists want to take away all of our guns, and they also want to get rid of all police. I wonder how many Americans will be on board with that idea: gun sales have quadrupled since this time last year.

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      1. No doubt, JaC, but even boutique Leftists don’t like it when protest violence comes too close to home. (See CHAZ/CHOP and the mayor of Seattle’s about-face.)

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        1. They don’t believe in equal justice under the law: they have no intention of living by the rules they impose on us. They intend to take away our guns and end the police; they also intend to have private armed security for themselves. It’s beyond hypocritical, it is just pure evil.

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          1. It’s all the more evil precisely because they are hypocritical and disingenuous – as are all totalitarians – be they Marxist, fascist, what-have you. “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine, too.” Also, recall Hannah Arendt’s description of Eichman at Nuremberg, as an example of “the banality of evil”. Yes, this is evil, but it’s not inevitable. We have now yet resisted/witnessed “to the point of shedding blood”, as scripture says. We’ve got a ways to go yet…

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