May I ask if anyone suspects there…

..may have been collusion between the communist party of China and the Democrats to steal the 2020 Presidential election?

10 thoughts on “May I ask if anyone suspects there…

    1. I know there was because I heard that on election night, when Trump was waaaay ahead due to the votes of the real, one-vote, citizen electorate, the yuan crashed. It came right back after the ballot dumps. The PinkChinks know who their enemy is—and who their friend Beijing Joe is.
      Our country has been sold the fuck out . Sold down the Yellow River. The Chinese are salivating at the prospect of being our new overlords as Biden, our first lame-duck president-elect, limps (literally: he just broke an ankle frolicking with his dog! ) toward the coronation of Kamala Harris and her coterie of maenads dying to rip the flesh of the US and its ally Israel.
      I reckon nothing is forever. 244 hrs has been a good long run. Maybe some kinda modern record for a form of government. But now, thanks to an influx of non-citizens and the Leftist takeover of academe, We no longer have a populace who deserves what America used to be. And I reckon it’s true a people gets the government it deserves.

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      1. We got everything right except we forgot to raise the next generation of Americans according to and with Judeo-Christian teachings, customs and traditions.


      2. People who have always had wealth —of freedom, of ideas, of movement—forget that wealth must be shepherded. So it’s lost. To be painstakingly rebuilt again by a generation whose children will forget in their turn. And so on.,

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  1. “People who have always had wealth…”

    I may have to disagree with you, Hypatia, unless there is an understood ‘eventually’ as the first word of your comment.


    1. No I was referring to your remark about the next generation. That isn’t “eventually”. Each person, each generation, born, begins the world again. And if they begin it in the luxury of peace, plenty, and intellectual freedom, that’s all they know.They don’t think it can be lost. I didn’t. But now I’m seeing it.

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