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“Just after Justice Barrett was confirmed, the Girl Scouts congratulated her on becoming the fifth woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Under fire from prominent leftists, the organization speedily recanted: ‘It was quickly viewed as a political and partisan statement which was not our intent and we have removed the post.’ Kappa Delta, the sorority to which Barrett belonged at Rhodes College, met a similar fate after daring to laud the judge’s ‘significant accomplishment.’ Shortly thereafter, Kappa Delta erased its statement, lamenting that it had been ‘disappointing and hurtful to many.’ “

There simply are no words …

17 thoughts on “National Review: From The Week

  1. Feminism is a satanic cult. If you don’t agree with the leaders of feminism about absolutely everything-if you are not a blind follower-then they will do everything they can to destroy you. That so many American women have bought into this is terrifying.

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    1. Here’s the thing, Jac. Feminism is no longer about women as NR essay demonstrated; it has become yet another political weapon for leftists. Justice Barrett was not celebrated because she has a conservative agenda and neither was Condi Rice.

      In the meantime, Kamala Harris can’t shut up about being the “first female vice-president.”

      P.S. Anyone remember the OJ trial? Fox contributor Tammy Bruce was president of the LA chapter of NOW at that point and resigned over feminist support of a well-known abuser of women. As she put it, “Race trumps gender every time.”

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      1. Totally agree, Liz. They want to do to conservative women what has been done in the past to black conservatives. The only thing is, there are more conservative women than there are black conservatives. So, we will see how this works out.

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  2. “In the meantime, Kamala Harris can’t shut up about being the “first female vice-president.”

    She’d best *put up* – should she get the nod – or shut the *duck* up, hadn’t she?

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  3. Remember Phyllis Schlafly? In spite of all her accomplishments she was vilified. Ann Coulter alone gave her Props. Oh and then there’s Ann herself….

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    1. Ann and Ayaan are my two favorite heroines; they’re tough as nails as they are intelligent, accomplished and beautiful.

      One more thought: AHA has a fatwa placed upon her as does Ann. One from Islamists, the other from leftists.

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    2. I sure do remember that pro-woman, pro-life, pro-family pioneer, Phyllis Schlafly, Hyp! How about Nellie Gray, and others who’ve been pretty – and oh so smart, and strong? These – and so many others – are the true feminists.

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  4. Shoe on the other foot, I would have to say I admire Nancy Pelosi although I hate her. She is tough, accomplished, knows how to get and keep power…and for so long. Let’s face it, she’s one impressive dame.

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    1. For once, I might have to take issue with you Hyp. 🙂

      Pelosi comes from the most liberal district in America and I wonder how she would do on the national stage. As for her power on the Hill, all sheep need a shepherd. She’s as good as any.

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