Wearing a Surgical Mask for the First Time – Redux (28 January 2020)

Many Chinese tourists are in my adopted home town for the Lunar New Year celebrations and perhaps to sample a bit of candi too during their visit. Anyway I wore a surgical mask in public for the first time ever the other night when I went to the local Lunar New Year festival. Apparently I was not the only one concerned with the coronavirus emanating from communist China’s slave state as there were many such masks on display. There is at least one report of a victim of the coronavirus right here in Chiang Rai.

Wearing the mask was a bit awkward as my spectacles were almost continuously fogging up. Regardless, I will probably take up the practice, in particular when on travel and/or public transit. Recommend you consider doing same. If you should decide to take up the practice, please be advised that all surgical masks are not created equally.

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