Haiku by Hypatia

Morning snow! And all
Looks black and white—but only
Our flag’s colors blaze!


12 thoughts on “Haiku by Hypatia

  1. We sure do have some talented photographers (in addition to writers) on this site. You and Jac should have your own little exhibit celebrating the good things about our culture!

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  2. Hey you two… I’m not kidding. Even if you present here on the site.

    I’m a great provocateur. Alas, I have no artistic talent, but I know it when I see it!

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      1. I’m a good businessperson and I’ve always been adept at discovering the new and the attractive. Based upon what you and Jac recently sent, I see an opportunity to expand this site. The photos were great added by simple, yet poignant commentary.

        I dare you!

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