2021: The Year of Disruptive Technologies and New Blocks

If 2020 was the year of pandemic then 2021 will be the year of creation of new blocks and disruptive technologies. Countries like China will take advantage of a vulnerable world and strengthen their position. This year may go down in the history when disruptive technologies would be seriously employed without giving much thought to human values.

The top likely and desired strategic trends of 2021 could be:

  • China moves to the Americas
  • The South China Sea is passé watch out for the Indian Ocean Region
  • NATO: Turkey out and Russia in
  • Halting the Chinese bandwagon in the Middle East and the Mediterranean
  • Pakistan in Israeli Orbit
  • Technology that scares you

Continue to read my latest article on India’s most respected Think-Tank platform, ‘Chanakya Forum’:

18 thoughts on “2021: The Year of Disruptive Technologies and New Blocks

  1. Hello dear Sando—I’m on my way to read the full article. I still can’t “Like”posts, only comments, so I wanted to tell you I always love it when a spate of Likes from you show up in my inbox ! So glad you’re,on the site. Happy New Year!

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  2. “Technology that scares you”

    This scenario keeps me up at night and causes me to wonder what the CIA does for a living. (Don’t answer that; since Trump was elected, I’m afraid we all know the answer.)

    I know you have a military background; would be very interested to hear your thoughts on how we proceed to protect ourselves. India must be equally concerned.

    Appreciate your post.

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    1. Hello Liz. The technology is not scary per se, but it is the man behind the machinery, which scares me. India and the US have their drawbacks, but there are checks and balances in the system, which are missing in countries like China. Alliances with like-minded countries are the only way forward. I am most concerned about the EU and specifically Germany. They are bending backward to please China. I am in awe of Australia, they have taken a stand against China, and they are not budging from it.

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  3. “I am most concerned about the EU and specifically Germany. ”

    At the risk of engaging in snark, when haven’t we been worried about that country? It seems to have no ideological balance; it vacillates between one extreme and another. This is the one Western European country in which I have refused to spend tourism $.

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  4. “The top likely and desired strategic trends of 2021 could be:

    China moves to the Americas”

    Foxtrotting US President Jimmy ‘the rabbit slayer’ Carter in one of the most boneheaded moves of our lifetimes gave the US’s Panama Canal to ChiComs. I wanted to cry then too.


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