Stock Tips

I usually avoid giving them because I don’t want the responsibility of hurting anyone financially. I take responsibility for my mistakes only.

But as I was reviewing quarterly results, it turns out my most profitable stock was Bain Capital!!!

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Not that this was a particular surprise; I’ve always known that Romney is the Master of the Universe in terms of finance but a less than competent politician. Sometimes the two just don’t work together but I wonder to this day why he and Trump did not become allies.

What a waste of talent and perhaps an overabundance of destructive ego on Mitt’s part. I enjoy nothing more than the spread of wealth and I criticize him for his failure to promote this.

26 thoughts on “Stock Tips

  1. His latest bill to reimburse families with $4200 per child makes me sick. Could we possibly re-distribute income anymore than we already have and subsidize welfare mothers?

    I have no children but 75% of my property taxes go toward schools. Where’s my rebate? If you can’t afford them, don’t make me pick up the slack.

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  2. Robin hated Mitt Romney the minute he saw him. We were at the ceremony where one of my cousins was being sworn in as a State Trooper, and Romney was there. Robin pointed to him, and asked me who that guy was. I told him that the guy was Mitt Romney, that he was the governor of Massachusetts, and that he would probably be running for President. Robin, knowing nothing whatsoever about Romney, used a profane word to describe him. I tried to defend Romney-this was a long time ago, lol. Robin assured me that Romney was no good. At the time, I was skeptical of Robin’s assessment of Romney, but not anymore, Lol πŸ™‚

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    1. What an interesting story! Was Robin psychic? πŸ™‚

      I grew up in Michigan and attended the same school as Ann and Mitt although later because they’re older than I am by about 10 years.

      The family was well respected in my community and in 2012 I was ecstatic to support him in the presidential election. He represented everything I respected: immense fiscal acumen, good family man and husband with flawless manners.

      What the hell happened I cannot explain. Wish Robin was still with us so I could pick his brain. 😦

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      1. Robin liked almost everybody. Most of the time, he was, if anything, charitable to a fault, and genuinely liked most people, but in the rare instances when he took a disliking to someone, he really, seriously disliked them. He really, seriously disliked Mitt Romney.

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    1. Good question, Nanda. He is on the Board and drops in periodically but he did set the template in the very beginning so I must give credit where it is due.

      I just no longer know who he really is but his company is making me money so I’ll leave it at that. Stock investments- yes; political support- NYET!

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      1. Besides, you will notice that I asked how “they” would call you. Not “we”. “They.” This is significant πŸ™‚

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  3. Take a look at NASDAQ and DJIA today and that’s all I have to say except for …

    Having a cognitively challenged president is poison to the global economy. Nobody has faith in this country anymore and why should they? Look who we elected!

    BTW, I don’t disagree that “the fix” was in, but that only gives fuel to the fire that we are a nation of morons living in a banana republic.

    I hate being an American right now and wish I could afford to move to Switzerland.

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