Some information, and helpful advice for my Asian-American friends

Reblogging with permission of RBabe.


By now, most everyone is familiar with the tragic shootings in Atlanta last week.  An obviously mentally-ill young man, who was worried that the massage parlors he hit were contributing to his “sex addiction”, went to more than one such business in the Atlanta area, and killed eight employees, most of whom were of Asian descent.  As we have come to expect, the so-called “Press”, through their inaccurate and inflammatory reporting, made the crimes sound like “hate crimes”, where the assailant went after his victims because they were Asian.

The press made the crimes, which were awful in themselves, sound like they were aimed at Asians in a discriminatory manner.  This was emphatically NOT the case here, but all the members of the press, including the Wall Street Journal, are painting this like an anti-Asian crime, when it was not.  Many groups of Asians in most big cities have…

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11 thoughts on “Some information, and helpful advice for my Asian-American friends

  1. A big shout out to my friend rushbabe49 and her wonderful blog site. Hers is one of the very few blogs whereon I follow and am allowed to comment. Recommend the same to all truth seekers.

    Thanks again RBabe for being a friend ‘closer than a brother.’

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    1. No. LOL 🙂 It makes you even more guilty. There is only one way to to inoculate yourself against accusations of toxic masculinity and genetically programmed racism: date only transexuals. As long as you are dating women at all, of any race, you are a racist. The only way to redeem yourself is to swear off all women of all races and start dating only men 🙂

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        1. No! Oh, No! Buck up, little Chippie, it’s not so bad. Nobody said that you have to care what feminazis and the gay lobby think. They are the ones making these rules.

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        2. Seriously, though, they won’t be happy until everyone is at least gay, and preferably surgically altered. Just say No.

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        3. So would most. Most people would rather be shot at sunrise than be gay. They are way over reaching with the craziness, and it will backfire on them.

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        4. “I think I will take a long one way swim into the sea this morning.”

          What did mean ol’ JaC say to you to make you feel this way?! (Oh, I get it.) 🙂

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    2. “If I am dating Asian ladies does that inoculate me from my toxic masculinity and accusations of genetically programmed racism?”

      An intellectual fig-leaf is better than nothing, ST…. (JK)

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