President Trump Is Thinking “Beyond Seriously” About Running Again in 2024

He is also going to help Congressional candidates in 2022. He said in an interview with Sean Hannity this evening that he doesn’t want to give a clear yes or no answer as to whether he will run for President again for legal reasons.

I keep telling people, President Trump is down but not out. The same can be said for America.

26 thoughts on “President Trump Is Thinking “Beyond Seriously” About Running Again in 2024

  1. Did you see the interview on Hannity? Trump looked great, it was so terrific to see him again! He shone like a gold coin, whereas Biden is like s stick puppet , with a paper face and little strands of cotton wool hair.
    Right after Jan 6, I thought Trump and even members of his family might be pretty much finished in politics. But that “insurrection”narrative is kinda falling apart : nobody, not one person, was armed, and the much-glorified Brain Sicknick, we now learn, died of natural causes, NOT from a blow to the head.

    (OH and BTW: where is the big show trial for the cop who shot Ashley Babbit?)

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  2. Am hoping of course to see him run again but am fearful of the excuse that would give people to riot and rampage the streets and the real possibility of a House and Senate that make it virtually impossible for him to accomplish anything other than by executive order. On the other hand, one cannot be cowed by the lunatics even though their numbers grow exponentially everyday.

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  3. Yeah, I don’t think he can/will run agin. I mean, look at the popular vote. I think he lost because COVID. “People DIED!” screamed the Dems. Yuh, they did, they always do, and and they died in SPITE of draconian restrictions. So unless something that big and awful were to happen again, on Biden’s watch (and i cant wish for that!) I’m not sure Trump could win if he did run. Let DiSantis do it, and let Trump’s 2 sons work with him, get some governmental experience: then they can run in ‘28 or ‘32.

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    1. I think, hope and pray that you are wrong, Hypatia. Trump set records with the number of votes he got. The democrats stole the election. Assuming that Republicans do something to prevent election theft in the future, I think if Trump runs again, he will win again, and I pray that he does.

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        1. The question is, did Biden really get 8M more votes? I can’t believe it, but most of the extremely credible allegations of fraud have to do with smaller numbers in the states whose electoral votes could’ve clinched it for Trump. So yeah, he got more votes than any incumbent ever got. But it looks like Ol’ Jo{K}e got more.
          When Clinton won the popular vote, we could tell it was just because California. But—incredibly—this doddering old mountebank got 5M more votes than she did.


  4. Question: Where can we move because frankly, I don’t want to live in the U.S. anymore. On the other hand, I’m afraid of Austria (my favorite country) because of Angela Merkel’s evil politics that certainly have affected her neighbor. Switzerland, malheureusement, is far beyond my budget.

    Budapest? No, because the 800,000 Somalians invaded the train station there. Poland? I do like Krakow.

    Opinions desired.

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    1. “Opinions desired.”

      Pays basque français?
      Disclaimer: I have only driven through it but mean to go back and spend some serious time there sooner than later.

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      1. The French make it impossible to live there as a U.S. citizen plus I’ve been there/done that.
        I really do harbor a fondness for Eastern and Central Europe.

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    2. I was very impressed with Poland, as I’m sure I’ve told you. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, the people are pleasant and fair. But we might as well live out our lives where we are, because there is no other country where we could live in the style to which we’ve become accustomed. By which I mean: in our own house. We visited several people in their teensy little apartments in Poland. That’s how they live. And they’re happy! But I wouldn’t be.
      Of course our way of living, in single family homes, on our own land, is being abolished in this country too. All we can do is enjoy it while it lasts.

      think of the homes in the movie Hillbilly Elegy, which I know we all saw. You might find them, ah,,déclassé, but I think they looked very realistic. Even the lower economic classes in the US live in what would be considered unbelievably spacious and luxurious homes, compared to the rest of the world. It’s too bad, no, it’s shameful, really, that the spoilt and blinkered Left can’t appreciate that.

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  5. I need two symphonies, the Lipizzaners and Kunsthistorisches/ Belvedere museums because I adore Klimt/Brueghel. I want desperately to go to the Piber farm where they raise those beautiful stallions. I miss my favorite handbag store in the Graben neighborhood.

    I need to be in Vienna but perhaps only as a guest. I truly fear an assault.

    Thanks Angela!

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        1. In the future people won’t believe it—and they will marvel at the stupidity which led us to give it all up. Sic transit…..

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        2. Thank you. I know I always say this is, but how can I not say it? Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it, but Thank you.


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