Jesus Had Family Problems Too

I just found this post, written by a Protestant minister. I think he is a minister, anyway. This post focuses on an aspect of Jesus’ life that doesn’t get much attention: most of His relatives-all of them, possibly, except for Joseph and Mary-thought that He was crazy, and they treated Him with derision. Until He rose on the third day. Then they started to believe in Him.

The gentleman who wrote this post refers to Jesus’ brothers. Catholics believe that His brothers were actually His cousins-something about translations, and they say that in ancient Hebrew, the word for brother was interchangeable with the word for cousin. But really, it doesn’t matter whether they were siblings or cousins. Being looked down on by relatives of any stripe is not fun, but Jesus has been there. I find that very comforting, and I hope that others will too.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Had Family Problems Too

  1. Jesus was “like us in all things but sin”, dear JaC. He’s been there, done that. It surely is a comforting, freeing thought,isn’t it?

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