India-China Cyber Asymmetry: Act Now

This is a regular working day in Mumbai, India. The lines outside the ATMs and Bank tellers are getting serpentine, and people are losing their patience, the banking servers have crashed. In a short while stock market Servers crash, and airlines & train bookings are not accessible. Airliners in the air and trains on the tracks are running amuck without any controlling, without signals. Almost every online economic activity has ceased to exist, and slowly it starts spreading across the nation. In a short while, mobile services stop, emergency response systems crash, and water supply to the Mumbaikars stop. Then comes the worst news, the power grids have crashed. The financial capital of India is a dark patch on the mother earth, incommunicado; inaccessible, spiraling down the labyrinth. India is under attack, and the attackers are invisible.

The scenario is very scary and is not from any Sci-Fi movie. Some of it has already happened in the past. The rest of it could be very much possible in the near future, in any city, in any country, across the globe. Are we, knowingly or unknowingly inching towards a very different kind of war? ‘The Cyber War’ – are we ready for it?

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India-China Cyber Asymmetry: Act Now

9 thoughts on “India-China Cyber Asymmetry: Act Now

  1. Cyber in conjuction with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack?

    Have yee also no doubt, ChiComs will also go from jump (clandestinely if possible) straight into biological warfare as witnessed by nCOVID-19.

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