On Tucker Carlson tonight, at least two female doctors who took the vaccine reported changes in their menstrual cycles afterward. When these doctors started talking about this on the internet, other women came forward reporting the same symptoms. No one under the age of 60 or 70 should be getting this vaccine. The idea that parents are being put under extreme pressure to give their children this vaccine is horrific. Oh My God, America, wake up. Home school your children. If they can force Americans to have their children injected with an unknown substance to prevent a disease that children virtually never get and die from even less often, then Americans-this generation of Americans, anyway-really are too stupid to live. This is the line in the sand. This is the moment, when we ought to be saying, No More. Actually, we should have said that long ago, but if we don’t say it now, over this-over having children injected for no good reason? Then we don’t deserve to be free, and we don’t deserve to have children either.

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  1. I am not a parent, but I have three nephews, two nieces, and so many children in my life whom I love dearly. In at least some cases, I know that their brain dead parents will have them injected, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. I am beside myself.

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  2. Anti-vax is the new conspiracy theorist. I read our military will be forced by Uncle Joe to take the Flu Manchu shot.
    That is a shameful experiment being done on our (few and proud) warriors.

    Yes, Judy, America is too stupid to live. Just sayen’

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  3. “I read our military will be forced by Uncle Joe to take the Flu Manchu shot.”

    Absolutely shameful. I am totally beside myself over this. This is a bigger deal than guns, and I never thought anything would be a bigger deal than guns. But using people as human guinea pigs is, there isn’t even a word for it. This has to stop, now, and if it doesn’t, we are in very deep trouble.


  4. And, I would just like to clarify: I am not totally against the Covid vaccine. I took my 88 year old mother to get it, because she is a member of a vulnerable population. All elderly people and those who are compromised in some way should get this vaccine. In my non expert opinion, they are the only ones who should get it, but that isn’t even the point. The point is, people should decide for themselves, and should be free to decide for themselves. If we are not free to decide for ourselves, then we have a very very serious problem.


  5. Dr. Paul Alexander, a former Covid advisor for the HHS, says that children should absolutely not be vaccinated. He points out that children virtually never get Covid, and spread it even more rarely than that. He also points out that this is an experimental vaccine. “There is no reason to put our children in harm’s way” he says.


  6. When those who truly think for themselves (Which I explain as trusting what you know intuitively, something we were born with. I’ll let people figure out the rest.), honestly, observing, reading, working, and learning, but not puffing themselves up with self importance, share their observations and understanding with many, they are seen as oddities. Socrates found this to be true, though he was just saying what everybody else could have realized on their own. He found a world of people self-deluded, propagandized, and made to “hate” honest people. There’s an old saying: there’s nothing new under the sun. What you’re seeing has been done over and over again, just the actors are new, but separated from real history. It’s like the Soviet Union found a new project here. Propaganda.

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    1. Great comment, dolphinwrite, thank you! 🙂 My late husband Robin had a saying: “Speak not what you hear, but what you see.” He told me that this was some kind of ancient proverb that he learned while learning about Ancient Egypt. That might be true, although I have googled it and nothing came up. I suspect that Robin coined that phrase, but didn’t want to tell me that. It’s the sort of thing he would have done, but of course, there is no way of knowing for sure.

      Anyway, the world would be a much better place if all of us could speak what we see instead of what we hear.

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