For over a decade India and China have been touted as the next superpowers. The notion of India as a “rising global power” received broader acknowledgment when then-President Barack Obama, on a visit to India in 2010, said that “India is not just a rising power; India has already risen.” Was this just a rhetorical component of a U.S. strategy to counter a rising China? Obama’s statement for sure attested to the existing acknowledgment of India as a capable and responsible power.

The world is showing this confidence in us, which means they see promise in India. Indian leadership should grab this opportunity and plan the coming decade diligently, aiming for a prominent power status for India. To find a rightful place among the comity of nations, India has to make some tough decisions, quickly.

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20 thoughts on “THE PROMISE OF INDIA

  1. Great insight and I appreciate the value of intellectual promise in India. At the risk of sounding frivolous, your country needs to fix the issue of the water and unless you do, I won’t travel there and Western influence (which would be an ideal match) will be limited.

    Your thoughts?

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    1. Thank you so much, Liz, for sparing your time. Water is just one issue, many issues plague the country, and we should have fixed them yesterday. Right now we are stuck in an invisible war, that is pushing us backward rather than forward.
      The article has been very well received. Do share your thoughts on

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  2. As ever, Commander, an insightful, incisive survey of the current situation and an offering of solutions. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep things moving forward. Thank you for sharing with us here!

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    1. You are always very encouraging, D’Nanda. Every country has issues, but the interesting thing is to observe how many issues were left unaddressed at the end of a leader’s tenure. Leaders don’t really shape the country, they just give hope to the citizens. It is the citizens who build a country, with or without a leader.
      Do share your thoughts on Chanakya

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        1. Do I need to register or something? I always comment there before doing so here, I’ll be happy to do whatever is needed,

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  3. Commander and friend, I do use my given name, not my nom de Unleashed, when commenting on the Forum: Would you rather I use my screen-name here instead?

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