“If I Am Lucky Enough To Not Be Killed…”

Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea when she was 13. She escaped into China, then Mongolia, then South Korea, and finally ended up in America. This video is very long, over 2 hours. I usually have a short attention span and become bored easily, but I watched this video from start to finish in one sitting. I could not pull myself away from Yeonmi’s story. She is on Kim Jong-un’s kill list. She says that if she is lucky enough to not be killed, she wants to call attention to the role that Communist China plays in propping up the North Korean dictator. Please watch this video. Even if you don’t want to, do it anyway-you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on ““If I Am Lucky Enough To Not Be Killed…”

  1. Of course the CCP plays the only role in the Norks existence. It is a country with zero GNP and their people are starving because any money transferred from China supports nuclear power.

    China likes it that way. It puts us in a compromising position while killing off all defectors.

    Speaking of nukes… I’m ready to use ours.

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    1. Yes and so is China. Talk about fighting the last war: we seem to be assuming that things will continue they way they were during the Cold War, when nobody used their nukes because both sides had so many of them. But remember, B. Hussein destroyed a lot of our nukes.
      I don’t know why China wouldn’t just carry on with bioweapons—it worked so well for ‘em! And right now our country is so weak—I don’t mean militarily, I know nothing about that—but half the country would probably welcome another 9/11 or a Chinese nuclear strike taking out a city.
      They’d LOVE to see America having to sue for peace, beg for mercy. And I’m sure the Chinks know that.

      Y’know what? China really wouldn’t have much to,lose, right now, by a nuclear strike on the US. They can say it’s revenge for those Oriental women getting punched in the face by black guys! That’s how Hitler justified invading Eastern Europe: cuz there were already so many Germanophone people there.

      In four months we’ve gone from peace through strength to cowering in the basement, fearful of EVERYTHING: the climate! The Coronavirus! The Chinese!
      And people CHOSE Joe the basement lowlife over Trump the Sun President.

      I have no hope. Yes we will soon be deploying our nukes—in an attempt to retaliate against an attack by China. Maybe. Or maybe, when they attack, we’ll react by deciding we deserved it and we’ll go further into debt to the Chinks by begging for their aid in rebuilding.

      America HAS to be made to realize we simply CAN’T accomplish anything on our own! That’s a tall order, in light of history—but the “light of history” is being hidden under the bushel of the 1619 project and B. Hussein’s “you didn’t build that.” No, the only way forward is a global hive mentality.


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