When the Hunters Became the Hunted: The Galwan Valour

15 June 2021 is the 1st anniversary of the Galwan Valley clash. Chinese treacherous design had once again raised its ugly head. However, instead of falling prey to the Chinese design and running for the cover, the Indian troops took the Chinese head-on and reportedly unleashed a reign of terror, unheard of in modern military history. A lesson PLA troops will never forget.

Every Indian and free-spirited human being must expose the Chinese lies and tell the story of 16 Bihar Regiment’s grit, valor, and bravery. A detailed analysis by me with many untold facts.

Let us spread the story of Indian Bravehearts and the philosophy of democratic values, across the globe.

Continue reading on India’s leading Think-Tank organization ‘Chanakya Forum’.

9 thoughts on “When the Hunters Became the Hunted: The Galwan Valour

  1. Dear Commander and friend, thank you for sharing the full story of this event with us; such bravery lifts hearts and gives strength to carry on; may we always remember!

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    1. Yes, D’Nanda, such bravery is unheard of in modern military history.
      There was an agreement between India and China that no arms and ammunition would be carried on the India-Tibet border by both forces. On that fateful evening, Indians didn’t carry any arms. However, the treacherous Chinese carried spiked clubs and rods. They backstabbed the Indian inspection party thus bringing wrath on themselves.

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  2. Thank you so much for this post, Sandomina! The Chinese believed that the Indian soldiers would lose all hope when their commander was killed? As an American woman who has never been in a fight (yet, and hopefully never, lol ) my instinct would be that killing the commander would just really piss off the Indian soldiers and make the fight even tougher. Maybe this is a cultural difference?

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    1. In Indian Armed Forces, the Commanding Officer is like a father figure. He eats with his men, he spends his spare time with his men. He may belong to any faith or any religion, but he follows the faith of his troops and prays with them to whatever God they are praying to. That is the kind of camaraderie they share. So killing was too big an event, even touching him was blasphemous.

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