Our Revels Now Are Ended…Redux

Didja miss me? As I write this, I’m at anchor, if that’s still the term, in New York harbor, waiting to disembark after a week on this Dome-of-Pleasure cruise ship.

It has been a week of incredible luxury! And the best part is, our fellow passengers: they are not the 1%, they are definitely the great American middle to lower class, who give the impression of having been raptured into this utopia in the clothes they stood up in.

(We did this last year, too, and I’d be happy to share what I wrote up then. Such a trip wouldnt be my choice; I loooove Winter! But my BMD is less enamored of it. )

OTOH: not gonna lie: lo, going first class on a luxury cruise ship sucketh not, neither doth it bite.

God willing, we will be released back onto the mainland in only two hours now—unless someone turns up sick…and the fact that I’m anxious about that possibility shows how our world has been transformed by this new virus.

We aren’t the same country now as we were only at Christmas, are we? Then, we could hug and kiss, we could travel, we could assemble where we wished, we could eat and drink together with abandon!
Did someone have a cough, maybe a fever? So what? Big deal, ‘tis the season for those minor transitory nuisances!

Do you love anyone whose health is compromised? Do you love anyone so precious to you that her death would make you welcome yours?

I do. My darling sister, undergoing chemo. Modern medicine is “saving” her at the, until recently, acceptable cost of weakening her immune system. That iatrogenic weakness is now in itself a terrifying peril.

My impossibly beautiful daughter, who had been scheduled to go to Italy over Spring break. I was so relieved when the University cancelled that trip! But wait: is she really any safer at Harvard, a cosmopolitan community…?

How I long to see them, more than ever now that we’ve all received this Memento Mori! But—what if I am one of the asymptomayic carriers of the virus? Even traveling between my region of our country and theirs might prove hazardous. An embrace from me might be deadly.

Farewell the tranquil mind.

5 thoughts on “Our Revels Now Are Ended…Redux

  1. We do in real-time what is just coming onto L1’s radar screen +1year after the pandemic that killed the world.

    America is in fact too weak and cowardly to live.


  2. This post reiterates my greatest concern that we will all die from anxiety and I blame the federal govt for instilling undue fear and anger in all of us. The economy, the housing shortage, inflation, CRT are legitimate threats to our prosperity and I continue to have sleepless nights. This, however, does nothing to assuage the problems.

    Where are our leaders? Who the f**k do Biden and Harris think they are? Where is the Don? Where are the rest of Americans who aren’t attending Islanders games? What are we doing about any of this other than playing defense?

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