“Patriarchy Is Inevitable, Choose Your Flavor Carefully”

The above line was stolen from a gentleman who calls himself Anthony Dream Johnson. He is an atheist follower of Ayn Rand who loves very strict Christians and abhors not so strict Christians. He also believes in arranged marriages, because, he says, women are too stupid too often to make such a serious decision themselves. Mr Johnson is in his thirties, and he says that he will restore American patriarchy or die trying. If you are thinking that all women must hate him, you are wrong. He runs conventions where women pay 1000 dollars a ticket to learn how to be great again. Bringing back the patriarchy is a full time job for him, and he seems to make a pretty good living at it.

I am totally against arranged marriages, which makes it impossible for me to really support Mr Johnson. Also, I find it extremely irritating when atheists take it upon themselves to approve or disapprove of how Christians practice Christianity. Atheists who view religion as a good tool for social control-and Anthony Johnson definitely views religion that way-are to be avoided, in my opinion. There are a lot of people who dislike Anthony Johnson, and I dislike some things about him, but when a guy succeeds in getting women to pay 1000 dollars to support the patriarchy, we should pay attention. He may be a scam artist, but his sincerity or lack thereof doesn’t matter. He is tapping into something that we have been told all of our lives does not exist.

How does he do it? Well, I will tell you. If it weren’t for his support of arranged marriages and a few other of his opinions that I find obnoxious, I would consider jumping on his bandwagon, because most of what he says is just true. He loudly objects to women in combat. He is extremely supportive of marrying young and having lots of kids. He tells women flat out to not get tatoos, to not get nose rings, and to not sleep around. He has hats made up with little sayings. One of them says “Make women cook again.” LOL 🙂 He believes strongly that women should not be in the workforce. And women pay to hear this stuff. Enough women pay that this guy doesn’t need to do anything other than tell women what to do. He has found a way to get women to pay him to order them around. I hope that men pay attention to this, because if Anthony Dream Johnson can do it, then most men can do it. There isn’t anything special about him, other than his willingness to be the object of feminazi wrath. Feminists totally hate him, and he could care less. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

The truth is, most of the time, Mr Johnson is “ordering” these young women to do what they want to do anyway. From their perspective, it’s like being ordered to take a vacation in Hawaii. The arranged marriage stuff is weird, but that isn’t much of a danger right now, so I guess some women figure that they can overlook it. As much as I disagree with him about some things, I am just very happy that somebody is saying something, and somebody is doing something. I am thankful that both young women and young men who don’t want a feminist life finally have someone speaking for them, and finally have a way to connect with other like minded people. Even if he is a con artist, and he may well be, the fact that he is making lots of money doing this is an indication of how desperate some are to escape feminism.

5 thoughts on ““Patriarchy Is Inevitable, Choose Your Flavor Carefully”

  1. Just a thought, JaC: Mr. Johnson may be responding to what he sees as Christian complacency/hypocrisy that might have led him to label himself as “atheist”. Also, like Douglas Murray, he recognizes the foundation that Judeo-Christianity laid for the Enlightenment and Western Civilization. If he wants to restore patriarchy – and matriarchy, for that matter – to their proper balance in society, more power to him. (See gender / sexual complementarity.) 🐼

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      1. Yes, me, too, but we’re all about autonomy and romantic love – that’s only part of it for most societies; it’s really about alliances/stability – not always nefariously done. Did you ever see the film “Crossing Delancey”? It illustrates this in an enjoyable, contemporary way. You might like a

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  2. Yeah we’ve only had “sentimental marriage” for what, 250 years? And I mean sheesh, how many “love matches” end up in divorce? It really couldn’t be any worse. And I agree about the inevitability of patriarchy. As an anthropologist I’ve studied societies that are matriLINEAL, but none that were MatriARCHAL.
    But I think the reason for that is men’s obvious physical superior strength. As human sexual dimorphism becomes less pronounced ( as it seems to be doing) maybe we will see matriarchal human societies.
    As for: why are women paying this guy to tell them to be subservient—well, why do women embrace religions like Islam, or like Eastern Orthodoxy, where they’re considered unclean and inferior? I’m wondering if it isn’t that certain women feel unworthy and inferior, so they’re looking for an explanation as to why they feel that way. If they can embrace an ideology to that effect, they don’t need to see it as an individual failing.

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