Turmoil in Afghanistan and India’s Calibrated Steps

As the dust settles on the erstwhile Kingdom of Gandhara, the attention shifts from the ongoing evacuation and the so-called American blunder, to ‘what next?’. Distant nations in the European Union and the Middle East are on guard as it falls in their circle of concern. However, India, Russia, Iran, China, and Pakistan know that it falls in their circle of influence. It is easy to delve into the past or talk about the present, but crystal gazing into the future is very tough, especially when one is dealing with an entity as unstable as the Taliban.

While the other nations’ strategists must be drawing up their roadmap for Afghanistan, what are India’s options, and what should be India’s objectives in the region?

I bring out a detailed analysis of India’s options in the Central Asian Region (CAR) and Afghanistan, on India’s leading think-tank organization ‘Chanakya Forum’:

4 thoughts on “Turmoil in Afghanistan and India’s Calibrated Steps

  1. Your post contains many excellent points and as always, I appreciate that you share them with us.

    What did disturb me is the amount of money India has wasted upon Afghanistan when she desperately needs it to fix her own issues. (I could say the same about my own country.)

    I have always regarded India as the “disguised tiger”. You have the intellectual brain power and exposure to the First World to partner with us and change the power dynamic of this planet. I believe the opportunities for both our countries to unite and “kick butt” are endless.

    One of my favorite writers, Dinesh D’Souza credits colonialism for bringing India out of the Middle Ages. Your thoughts?

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  2. As ever, Commander, a well-researched, well thought out, and well-written article; I appreciate your focus on the way forward during these challenging days. Thank you!

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