Winning the Peace: Defined Redux

Our current “strategy” seems to be designed to make Iraq a vassal state of Iran while spending over a trillion dollars to improve the infrastructure in Afghanistan before turning it back over to the Taliban.

I haven’t seen it written so succinctly anywhere but that is sorta kinda how it looks from my bunker here in the land of smiles. I’m assuming peace won wouldn’t include these two outcomes – but what would it, should it look like?

Is it just me or isn’t something wrong when our Ruling Class either doesn’t know or won’t tell us what peace looks like? In the absence of leadership on this issue, I’ll venture one idea and ask for additional contributions from my fellow members of the Country Class.

We’ll know that we’ve won the peace when: The inconveniences and concerns of present day airline travel mirror those of the day before 9/11.

12 thoughts on “Winning the Peace: Defined Redux

    1. I agree but one has to place some of the blame on the electorate, no? I’m still uncertain what was so unclear to voters; you, I and probably everyone else on this site knew where he was headed. As we did with Obama.

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      1. Suburban women are going to sink this country. Suburban American women really are too stupid to live. I have total trust in American men: I think we should leave the decision making to American men, and stop women from voting.

        Yes, this is a long shot, but probably not as much of a long shot as talking suburban women into being sane.

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      2. You’re preaching to the choir !
        I was born and raised in suburbia but have no idea what happened to my friends (male and female) who aren’t speaking to me because of my open support of Trump. My own parents weren’t fans either.

        Perhaps because I lived so long in NYC, I understood his personality and drive which is what truly threatens the ‘burbanites.

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  1. “Is it just me or isn’t something wrong when our Ruling Class either doesn’t know or won’t tell us what peace looks like?”

    Ok Marine, let this civilian have at it:

    No such thing as peace; there are only power vacuums that this country was once willing to fill. “Power” seems to be a vulgar word in today’s American society implying amoral and unscrupulous behavior.

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