10 thoughts on “Mr. Probz – Waves

      1. I swam an hour or more every day in the Andaman Sea this year from my bungalow ‘s private beach on Koh Lipe.

        I passed the USMC Force Recon indoc.


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      2. Well, I kind of knew that you are a good swimmer, but this incident on Kentucky Lake happened long ago. Things change πŸ™‚

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      3. πŸ™‚ Something a little-not much, but a little similar happened to me when I was 13. We were on Cape Cod, and my cousin Tara and my brother and I decided that it would be a great idea to row a little inflatable boat across a canal. We got to the other side, but ran into problems on the way back: we got caught in some weird current, and just kept going around in circles. Some woman on the shore totally over reacted and called in the Coast Guard, but before they got there, I just got in the water and pushed the little boat to shore. I was the oldest, so I figured it was my job to save us. At one point, I decided that it would be cool to swim down to the bottom of the canal, but I just kept going down and down and down, and everything kept getting darker and darker. I never got to the bottom. At a certain point, it started getting scary, and then I just got myself to the surface and got us back to shore as quickly as possible.

        Someone had alerted my father to the “danger” his children were in. He was on the shore laughing.


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