Intro into Lilith — LunaOwl

Lilith, dark, powerful, full of sexuality & strength, is a deity that a lot of women are drawn to when they enter into witchcraft. She is often shrouded in controversy and at times very dark lore.

Intro into Lilith — LunaOwl

12 thoughts on “Intro into Lilith — LunaOwl

  1. The owl again. The owl is a bird of prey. And it strikes and eats other birds. Lilith is the enemy of human reproduction. And let’s face it, who’da needed that, back in Eden?
    Just like with the serpent, you wonder: why did God let, or put, her in there?
    From the quick perusal I just did, it loox like she entered Jewish mythology during the Babylonian Captivity.

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  2. She is the reason women have been treated as less than human by many cultures. Male and female are two halves of a whole. To weaken the worth of half is to suppress the potential of an entire civilization.

    The problem we have now is that there is no balance. I imagine our present VP and speaker as an archetype of Lilith. We are being lured into forbidden territory. Many of us are saying, “No.” As a teenager i had once asked: Why, if Adam was such a strong male and good decision maker, would he be so weak and petty as to blame Eve for his lack of restraint?

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  3. “Male and female are two halves of a whole. To weaken the worth of half is to suppress the potential of an entire civilization.”

    Most astute observation and explains why so many third world nations (note: the Middle East) do not prosper.

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  4. “Man for the field and woman for the hearth,
    Man for the sword and for the needle she,
    Man with the head and woman with the heart,
    Man to command and woman to obey:
    All else confusion.”
    —Tennyson, from “The Princess”

    😂😂😂😂😂😂how d’ya like THAT?!?!

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      1. Agreed. But, that argument won’t go very far with feminists: they will say, fine, the woman should be the one to take the bullet. Never mind that most women want neither the bullet nor the lead.

        I really wonder if feminism is nothing more than a bad joke played on us by lesbians. Some people say that because Catholic clergy don’t get married, they shouldn’t be handing down rules about marriage. Wouldn’t the same apply to lesbians? They don’t marry men, so why are they telling other women how to deal with men? And why do some women listen to them?

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