Loving it: Bucs 45; Dolphins 17

Favorite internet comments:

Antonio is still a beast!

Tom Brady is truly aging like fine wine, five touchdowns again? Truly the GOAT.

Brilliant game from the Bucs on both sides of the ball today. Tom is playing like a 20 yr old and I’m loving it.

20 thoughts on “Loving it: Bucs 45; Dolphins 17

  1. I didn’t see the game due to having higher priorities; however, am bent out of shape about how Brady’s pass opened up Gronk to be injured and sure as foxtrot!

    Anybody got the injury and status report on the dude?


      1. Absolutely agree but Brady is a very different QB. For starters, he’s tall and has a great vision of the field and defensive looks. Plus, he’s highly intelligent as many fail to realize that the offensive line and the man they’re guarding just have to be.

        I took a look at one of Belichick’s playbooks and dude, I could have understood advanced calculus far easier than that!

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      2. Brady had some great receivers and tight ends as well as Gronk: Edelman, Moss, Welker.

        What makes him such a leader is they all buy into the same strategy.

        Kudos to Walsh and Belichick/McDaniels as well who reinvented the passing game.

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  2. “Liz with the ‘chin music.’ ”

    This term has multiple implications. Pls tell me you were referring to Roger Clemens and NOT “idle chatter.”

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    1. You know I caught at the uni level. Of course it was a Clemens fastball which you can actually hear moving through the air. The ‘pop’ of the catcher’s glove is also unique!


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