Quick Update

This was so horrifying I had to share even though I am apologetic for ruining y’all’s day of rest.

Last night while watching Jesse Watters, I learned a 13 yr old girl in Loudon County, VA was raped in the girls bathroom of her upscale public school by a boy pretending to be a transgender female. Apparently, this has happened before in the school but the Superintendent covered it up and did not call the police. The outraged father of the victim barged into the Superintendent’s office and took a swing at him which any caring dad would do. Consequently, THE FATHER was arrested and referred to by the Biden administration as a “domestic terrorist.”

The rapist went free.

15 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Can we say: “Banana Republic”? America is being recalled and lived-out by individuals, some entire states, but as a unifying principle/over-arching idea – it’s in hibernation, or dispersed. Poland/Hungary, Liz?

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    1. Gosh Nanda; what an astute question! I’m seriously thinking of Budapest because my husband loves it there and I approve of Viktor Mihály Orbán as well.

      It’s a great central location for the countries I most enjoy- Poland and Austria.

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  2. Thanks, I think, for this as it is news to me and horrific. Wanna bet domestic terroirists and suspected domestic terrorists will lose their rights to the 2d Amendment?

    This guy will be made an example of by the Deep State. He is the perfect scapegoat as was Officer ‘DOA” Chauvin.

    Again tell me, why is Chauvin in jail? Why is George Floyd’s death (h/t Hypatia) not attributed to nCOVID-19?

    Does anybody know when the US Marine blown to hell in Kabul sniper’s son will be born without a father?

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  3. Back to the poor young girl in VA, people are accusing her of lying despite evidence discovered in a hospital exam.

    This question is for JaC: Where in the hell are the feminists???

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