Colin Powell: Dead at 84

Colin L. Powell in 2004, when he was secretary of state under President George W. Bush in the midst of the Iraq war.

He literally died 30 minutes ago from complications from Covid but was plagued by cancer, specifically multiple myeloma.

He had received his vaccinations just as they became available but his system was obviously compromised by cancer. I hope we can get an accurate analysis from the CDC as to what actually killed him: cancer or Covid or both? His family claims Covid but I have had a relative die from myeloma and that is a devastating cancer.

I beg the CDC not to politicize this. We all need to know the precise scientific facts of his death.

10 thoughts on “Colin Powell: Dead at 84

    1. Although politically we grew apart after he voted twice for BHO, that strategy certainly applied to the Middle East! (If you do break and buy it, there is no guarantee you can mend it.)

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  1. He was 84. He died from old age. Cancer and Covid are just two things he took with him. Like once was told to me when I was diagnosed, the idea is “to die and old man WITH cancer, not a young man FROM cancer. At 84, he was the former.

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    1. I would normally agree with you TES but I may be a bit biased. My father died at 92 (cancer) and my mother is still alive and kicking at 96.

      Your assessment makes a lot of sense but I still want specifics.

      Good to hear from you.

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      1. Not sure what specifics you are looking for, but if life expectancy is 75, and he lived to 84, there is no way of knowing if he would have died at 84 without cancer. My cancer is metastatic and late stage, but if I hit 75, I want my cause of death listed as “he was an old turd whose parts just gave out”. Besides, we all die from the same thing: Our heart stopped beating and our brain quite functioning. (Note: These two are not mutually exclusive as liberal hearts can beat while their brain fails to operate.)

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  2. “My cancer is metastatic and late stage, but if I hit 75, I want my cause of death listed as “he was an old turd whose parts just gave out”. ”

    Oh Mon Dieu; I had no idea! Just when we’re getting to know and enjoy your commentary, particularly your “Note” on above comment…

    Pls keep us updated and keep commenting as long as you are willing.

    Most sincerely,

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