Everyday Issues

Full disclosure: This is a ridiculous post but indicative of how the big issues trickle down to the machinations of everyday life.

My husband and I order out Chinese three days a week because the owner leaves off all the MSG and sauce and gives us plain, steamed veggies, chicken and shrimp, etc. In other words, fresh food without white rice but extra broccoli and green beans. It’s always good to narrow your business choices and become a “regular;” the owners are far more willing to accommodate your needs. We frequented a business in our previous neighborhood so often that they had a special menu devised just for us.

I always call in the Chinese order and whenever the wife of the owner answers, I politely ask to speak to her husband. (She speaks zero English and he is fluent and has my predictable order in the works before I hang up!)

Last night, she answered the phone and when I asked to speak to her husband, she apparently knew enough English to hang up the phone in my face!

All hell broke loose and they lost a valuable customer who paid cash. I lost my favorite take-out source.

I keep going back like a broken record to the concept of capitalism and how few immigrants and even we native Americans understand how that concept works!

Sign me hungry and shockingly disenchanted. And yes, this is one of those First World problems that are worth mentioning because they’re indicative of cultural decay.

5 thoughts on “Everyday Issues

    1. That’s far too complicated a theory for me but it is an explanation nevertheless. However, my husband was always the one to pick up the order so ???

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      1. It is possible that I could be wrong. I haven’t been wrong before…about 6 minutes ago.

        My voice sounds like 100’s of others who were born in Miami before the Cuban airlift. It just seems so strange that she would hang up like that without a reason.

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