GOAT Throws #600 TD Pass

Tom Brady throws touchdown pass number 600!

WR Mike Evans catches QB Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass in his career against the Chicago Bears in week 7.

As one sports announcer effusively exclaimed, “I’ve never seen 600 of anything in the NFL!”

Hope Robert Kraft is feeling the pain …

26 thoughts on “GOAT Throws #600 TD Pass

  1. The “Great Ones” are anxious to retire with the team that drafted them. A ‘franchise player’ means a lot to the Magics, the Birds, the Jordans, the Montanas and the Bradys. Unfortunately, the latter two did not receive the respect they deserved- two more years on their contract.

    I understand that this is a business and salary caps need to be managed carefully to attract younger, potential winners. Tom Brady had already left $60 million in salary on the table so Pats owner Kraft could trade for the caliber of players Brady needed to win. I’m sure I don’t need to remind any of our readers how unusual that is for a professional athlete!

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    1. You do not have to remind me, and remember, Hall of Famers get to choose the team they want the NFL-HOF to enshrine them. Brady may get the ultimate last laugh with Kraft. I mean other than winning another Superbowl.

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      1. Hope so but it’s a shame when talent, driving ambition, leadership skills and 6 six rings PLUS 60 million dollars to add key players is rewarded with … nothing but acrimony. I would have given Brady what he wanted and drafted a promising QB with one caveat to the GOAT: work with the new guy so when your time comes to retire, he has graduated with a full degree from the Brady/Belichick/McDaniels School of Winning. 🙂

        I can’t and won’t criticize Belichick because he reminds me of Bill Walsh (even though Walsh was inventor of the West Coast offense) and BB created great defensive plays. They were, however, both innovators. BB is a GM as well and owners love him because he’s careful with their money. I do think he could have handled this Brady issue a tad more creatively.

        Oh well; I’m going to continue to enjoy watching Brady/Gronk/Brown if only to listen to the “talking heads” eat crow.

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      2. I think there were LOTS of underlying issues we never heard about. For Brady to walk away from that kind of money is out of character for MOST NFL players. Of course, it helps when you are married to a supermodel worth $100 million.

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  2. That’s exactly right. Giselle’s contract with Victoria’s Secret earned her $40 million a year for three years. Brady made plenty of money as well, but you’ll never convince me his first priority wasn’t winning!

    P.S. He got his two year contract at $50 million with the Bucs so he walked away with everything! The Pats were offering one year at $ 20 million and a slap in the face. The thing is, Brady wanted the opportunity to play as long as he could. Asking for another year was too much?

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      1. I’m flexible because I happen to support individuals as opposed to franchises. (Is that the ultimate conservative comment or what? )

        With that said, I used to support the Pats but all my favorite individuals are separated now and I’m torn. I really hated watching the Pats-Bucs game several weeks ago and almost broke down while watching Brady’s former teammates surround him afterwards with such love and respect. 😦

        People have commented that I’m far too emotional about sports but it’s a family thing; I can’t help it. My father was a Wolverine hockey star (no small thing) and growing up, there was a decided pall over the household when Woody Hayes beat Bo Schembechler on Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂

        P.S. No worries about Dallas because after he fired one of the greatest coaches in the NFL, I grew to despise Jerry Jones.

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  3. As an aside, I’m taking a look at the Chiefs. I like Patrick Mahomes because he reminds me a bit of Montana- a scrambler when necessary and doesn’t need to stay in the pocket to score.

    What do you think about Trevor Lawrence? I feel a bit sorry for him right now; I always tend to blame the offensive line. Tom Brady has always had all day (2.5 seconds) to get rid of the ball.

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    1. I think Trevor Lawrence will find his talents will be better off outside of Jacksonville. He needs a solid commitment to improve the O-line and get him receivers that can actually, you know, receive. It took Josh Allen a couple of years and a strong commitment from Buffalo to get where he is now. For the record, I despise Mahomes. I am so surprised they did not have to order a special helmet to contain his ego. The press over played him. He has one Superbowl ring, same as Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer, and that does not a legend make. The Bucs exposed his weakness in the SB, and now other team DC’s are following that lead, leaving the Chiefs at 3-4 and Mahomes less than a superstar.


    2. Not a Mahomes fan. I am pretty sure they had to special order his helmet so that it could contain his ego. Winning one SB does not a star make. Guess who else has a SB ring as a QB? Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson. After the Bucs figured him out in the SB, other NFL DC’s know how to play him, and suddenly he seems…average. Now Trevor: I like his chances, but not with the Jaguars. He needs an O-line and a receiver that can, you know, CATCH the ball. Send him to a team that can let him spend a couple years behind a Veteran. The Jags just threw him to the wolves. Same thing the Bears did with Justine Fields. I just hope the Bears and Jags do not ruin their potential. NFL history is full of good college QB’s that got mishandled at the Pro level and then left with no Pro career.


  4. I’m glad to see Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Cardinals sitting atop the NFL at 7-0. Best of luck to a great Red Raider!


  5. Elizabeth – I have left two comments answering your Trevor Lawrence question and my thoughts on Mahomes, and both seem to have just disappeared. Is it you, or is it wordpress doing the censoring?


      1. OK…I am not a fan of Mahomes. I am pretty sure they had to special order his helmet to hold his ego. This might be the media’s fault, but plenty of “non-star, non HOF’ QB’s have won one SB, including Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer. A season does not make a star. Once the Bucs figured out how to defend him, the rest of the league DC’s latched on and now Mahomes is…average. As for Trevor – he is going to one day be a great Pro QB, just not with the Jaguars. They gave him no time to learn the pro game before they threw him to the wolves. Last place teams tend to do this, just ask Justin Fields over there on the Bears. Brady got a couple of seasons behind Bledsoe, and allowed him to adapt. Rodgers got a couple of seasons behind Favre. Steve Young behind Montana, Jim Kelly behind Joe Ferguson….you get the drift. Give Trevor an O-line (like you said), and a couple of receivers that can, you know, CATCH the ball downfield, and he will get his dues.

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      2. Great comment and I agree especially about Trevor who has no Jonathan Ogden to give him his 2.5 seconds!

        I still think Belichick made a mistake by letting Brady go; he should have paid him whatever he wanted with the stipulation that he help develop Mac Jones. However, we all know this may have not worked out because Brady is known for staying in the game with 10 seconds left and a 14 pt lead. This has a lot to do with how that moronic coach (Lloyd Carr) at Michigan failed to recognize and develop his potential. Brady went in the 6th round if you can even imagine that!

        As for Mahomes, I’m still in the “wait and see” stage.

        Looking forward to the rest of the season and more analysis from the both of us. 🙂

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      3. Me neither! Obviously, I just rcvd this comment from you so I have no idea. Time to ask the site manager!!

        If worse comes to worse, Simon has one of my e-mail accts so you could send it there and I could perhaps get it posted back to the site. ???


  6. Well there you go! Agree about Trevor (Patriots would be a good fit perhaps?) even though McDaniels seems to like Mac Jones who played under the very best NCAA coach, but you must explain about Mahomes.


    1. Mahomes won one Superbowl. So did Dilfer and Brad Johnson. That does not a superstar make. The Bucs figured him out in the SB, and now every NFL DC knows how to play him, so now he is…average. The media hyped him too much, and he may become another young QB that started out great and then faltered (Jared Goff, Vince Young, Alex Smith, RGIII, to name a few). Once Pro DC’s figure out how to defend you, the GREAT QB’s adapt. So far, Mahomes has not adapted, and the Chiefs are 3-4.


      1. I want to give him some time. I like his athletic ability and his mental flexibility to pull off the play-action pass.


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