Random Observations

The state of affairs in America couldn’t be worse. I thought the Carter administration was destructive but as my husband reminded me, we, as a country weren’t quite used to such incompetency so we paid a high price in the 70s – a recession.

Here’s a positive note that I’ve noticed in the market and it speaks well of American capitalists. The market is holding its own and I firmly believe in Big Business’ determination to work hard to circumvent the idiocy.

Anyone who underestimates the power of self-interest does so at their own risk.


29 thoughts on “Random Observations

  1. I can’t understand why the market is not reacting to all the bad news, like it has done all our lives. It seems completely detached from any other economic indicia.
    I used to watch it obsessivelyy, and did so while Trump was President. Biden’s policies SHOULD have driven it down—but they didn’t. I hafta say, my portfolio is doin* great! So I guess I win either way, cuz if i5 did plummet I’d have the satisfaction of thinking at least it’s bad for Ol’JoKe. But idk, maybe that doesn’t matter, his approval ratings are already in the drain.

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    1. I certainly don’t understand either but I do invest in a lot of “under the radar” stocks and that helps. However, my Big Kahuna dropped 7 points the other day after an earnings report that exceeded projections by 25% !!! This does indicate that the market is skittish but it’s still remarkably steady. ???

      I was able to breathe again when *** picked up 14 points today. I’m fortunate to have a partner who can handle volatility because that has never been my strong suit. Too many idiots are trading now and that is just another obstacle I have to deal with. ):

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  2. Query, Liz: Why have so many legacy brands jumped on the “woke” bandwagon? Why should companies waste time and money on virtue-signaling and mandates for employees? This stuff has nothing to do with a given company’s core business, does it? I may be obtuse, but, I don’t get it….Btw, did you see that The Epoch Times is starting to add financial reporting?

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    1. Give me a moment to digest this Nanda because your queries are complex and I want to respond in the most thorough manner possible.

      The market is closing in 15 minutes and it’s been a volatile day.

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    2. “Why have so many legacy brands jumped on the “woke” bandwagon? Why should companies waste time and money on virtue-signaling and mandates for employees? This stuff has nothing to do with a given company’s core business, does it?”

      This is a question I ask myself every damn day because frankly, I don’t understand the “agenda” either and we both know that one always exists.

      I’m going to guess it has something to do with tax breaks, lower litigious rates (unemployment, sexual harassment, and workers liability, etc.). I say this because it’s always about compensation. I saw this happening years ago when I attempted to fire a total incompetent and I was put on trial!

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    3. I can help here…they are going after the youth. As main stream buying goes from Baby Boomers to Millennial, Gen X,Y,Z, EIEIO, then these legacy brands switch their focus. Things our generation looked for in advertising are not the same as what today’s buyers are attracted too. They (the marketers) are convinced the spenders of today want “woke”, so they give them “woke”. The company that makes “Spanx” sold yesterday for $1.2 billion, and that ain’t because 72 year old Grams is stocking up on this line of clothing. Our generation is being marginalized through advertising.

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      1. Point taken but did you have to bring up Spanx? I’m a Boomer but no grandmother and I have loved that brand for years during the periods I’ve blown off the gym. 🙂

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      2. Yeah actually I think lotsa older women do like Spanx stuff. At least till they try it on. Mes soeurs, the undergarments have to be put on like a swimsuit, even if they’re only longline bras. Try putting em over your head and you could get strangled, especially if you have long hair.

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    1. I ❤️ Skinny jeans! But Y’know, all the young girls are fat these days, and the boys either don’t care or have no choice.
      I just got an ad for a company called Universal Standard. Six huge models, all wearing leotards, coyly extending their elephantine knees. To me they look like Tonka toys.

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  3. “But Y’know, all the young girls are fat these days… ”

    Ain’t it the truth! What puzzles me is that I am thinner today than I was in college. I think that is because standards changed and I lived in a “skinny” town- lots of walking and racing up subway stairs. Who needed a gym?

    I am admittedly a fascist about my weight- 100 lbs for the first 5 feet and 4 lbs per inch after that. I went on a California diet decades ago that was all you can eat but no “white food” (carbs) or fried food. I subbed yams for white Idaho potatoes. Eat as much broiled chicken and fish as you want, avoid fatty meats, substitute pretzels for Doritos, and prepare steamed veggies and salads using olive oil- not commercial dressing! It’s a great diet because I’m never hungry.

    These “portion control” diets irritate me. Just eliminate all the bad stuff and eat as much as you want of the good stuff. It works.

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  4. “Ever see a 400 lb bookend try to get into a size 4 Spanx because they think it will make them look thinner? If not, try hanging out at Walmart.”

    That is a scary image indeed but I don’t hang out at Walmart. 🙂

    Wait, really? 400 lbs??

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