An Addendum to SNL Post

Here we are on the morning after my contretemps last night and we’ve just had brunch with my interior decorator (of whom I am quite fond) and her husband who is a professor at FSU. I’ve never met him before but I’ve heard enough from my academic pal MLR to know I should avoid political discussions at all costs.

But no … He had to bring up January 6 and start in on Trump for all the chaos going on at the border. (Go figure.) We remained silent and that seemed to aggravate him because he persisted in getting a response. My husband will always ignore this type of bull**** so I was left to respond:

“Mark, the last 276 days have been traumatic for us; they have taken a toll and we prefer to discuss other topics. For instance, you two have been lifelong residents of Amelia Island so I’d love to pick your brains a little about our new neighborhood.”

Words to the wise: Nothing aggravates an aggressive Marxist more than refusing to take the bait so another potential friendship bites the dust.

I repeat this rather mundane story only to remind Simon how important it is that he has established a forum for civilized debate. Some of us depend upon it and all of us appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “An Addendum to SNL Post

  1. “Established a forum for civilized debate”—so interesting! Because here, we can use any language we want, express any viewpoint we went. We ALL can! There’s them as would think our language and tone “Uncivilized”. But I agree with you, it isn’t. Why.?
    Because we don’t have to get mad at each other, I think—and that’s because we’re uncensored. Nothing makes me madder than being criticized for what I said, or, as happened elsewhere, the WAY I said it.

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  2. What’s frustrating Hyp is no response is perfect enough except for Candace Owen’s recent soliloquy in Congress where she literally left her opponents speechless.

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