India’s Offensive Against China Should Be in the Grey Zone

Grey zone is not a fixed concept but a hypothetical place between peace and war. Until now grey zone activities were generally restricted to psychological warfare, subversion of political systems, and covert paramilitary and information operations. China and Pakistan are expanding that envelope.

While I was writing this article, a never heard of development was taking place in the Indian state of Punjab. The Indian Prime Minister was stuck on a bridge for 20 minutes since the highway was blocked by the protesters. Grey zone techniques were turning a new chapter, threatening the highest post of the nation. Today it is India tomorrow it could be any other free nation.

India is of course enhancing its conventional capacities and capabilities like never before, but every Indian step looks defensive. It is time to initiate an offensive in the grey zone against China and its cronies in the region. Else, beyond 2025, we are staring at a bleak and scary future.

My latest article that has shaken the establishment. I give solutions and a way forward at India’s leading ‘Think Tank’ organisation, ‘Chanakya Forum’:

5 thoughts on “India’s Offensive Against China Should Be in the Grey Zone

  1. The Hunan lab seems to be a classic example of a grey zone technique. What never ceases to amaze is how Americans spend all their time blaming Trump and even Biden. Anyone ever hear a conversation about why the Chinese were experimenting with the virus in the first place?

    Good post, Sando.

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  2. I always learn from your positive, proactive posts, Commander and friend. Why do free people/nations always seem to be in reactive mode? How do we snap out of it, before it’s too late?

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    1. D’Nanda, I feel that heart to heart we all want peace. That is the reason people give leeway to tyrants.
      Most of the time it is the arrogance and ambition which blinds the individuals as well as the nations. In Vedic language, it is called ‘Shani’ (Saturn). Shani hits all of us from time to time, it takes all of us to such great height and gives success that we get blinded by our own success, which leads to our downfall. If you review the history of nations and individuals you would find plenty of examples.
      I am amazed that the ancients gave detailed commentary on this topic, but we humans are repeatedly making the same mistakes.

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