1. Oh. My. God. And some people who have never served-never so much as gone hiking in their lives-think nothing of putting boots on the ground. It’s never them, it’s never their kids.

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        1. Right. You served how many years in the Marine Corp, and you aren’t sure which was harder: risking your life as a grunt, or paying taxes? Lol 🙂

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        2. Which is why I am totally against the idea of making voting related to how much if anything taxes people pay. Poor and middle class Americans don’t pay much in taxes, but they are very over represented in the military. We have enough of a problem as it is with wealthy people sending lower class people off to fight in wars. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if lower class people couldn’t vote?

          I am inclined to think that voting should only be for men, and maybe on top of that, for men who are willing to do a 4 year stint in the military. They don’t have to be career military, and the vast majority of them shouldn’t be, but a short stint probably should be required. The only problem with this is, some genuinely disabled but worthy men would be left out, and that wouldn’t be right. But, the idea is tempting.

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  1. Speaking of which (SOW), were you also sweated (back in the day) by up to four at once/ simultaneously and at the same time of Moscow’s most beefy plainclothes KGB operators?

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