Ukraine Conflict and India’s Hard Choices

On 24th January 2022, I assessed and tweeted from my account (@InsightGL) that Russia will invade Ukraine after 20th February, the closing day of the disastrous Beijing Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, my predictions came true, and activities started on 21st February. The invasion of Ukraine is part of history now.

The question, “Who to side with”, has already put many nations in a quandary; India is one of them. Does India have many choices? If yes, then what are India’s options in this very complex situation?

Should India remain neutral the way it is now, or side with Russia or go with the Western block?

I (@InsightGL) present an in-depth analysis on India’s premier ‘Think-Tank’ organization Chanakya Forum:

11 thoughts on “Ukraine Conflict and India’s Hard Choices

  1. I am indebted, too, Commander and friend. I can’t imagine the difficulty of the tightrope walk India is going through right now. Praying for wisdom and insight such as yours for all involved! Thanks for sharing with us here!

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  2. As soon as I/we figure out what the American perspective *is*, Commander and friend, I’m sure any/all of us will gladly share it. (No irony intended.)

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