WHotD (Word Hebrew of the Day)

What is manyak Hebrew?

Hebrew got this word from Arabic, where manyak has now the same meaning, but originally meant โ€œone who is on the receiving end of homosexual sex.” It has nothing to do with “maniac” which European languages got through Latin from mania, the Greek word for “madness.”

10 thoughts on “WHotD (Word Hebrew of the Day)

  1. I was noodling the other day on how some words get purloined from other languages and can only imagine the youthful Jewry hearing this word the first time from whom?

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    1. The strangest thing happened to me a long time ago, before I met Robin. I was doing the internet dating thing, and wound up meeting one of the gayest men I have ever encountered who claimed to have a huge crush on me. He seemed fine on paper, but when I actually met him, he was, as Robin would say, gay as a bottle of chips, and made no attempt to hide it, but would not admit it. We talked a little, but then I wrote him later and tried to bow out gracefully. He claimed to be very disappointed.

      I have never known what to make of that guy. The most plausible thing I can think is that maybe he was just not interested in me and was putting on a gay act in an attempt to spare my feelings? But he wrote to me several times begging me to reconsider. It was so strange.

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