I Never Read Atlas Shrugged…

Until now. Yeah okay, it’s embarassing, but confession is good for the soul, or so they say. .

Y’ think the attack on ”the meritocracy” is sump’n new?

“When a man thinks he’s good, that’s when he’s rotten. Pride is the worst of all sins, no matter what he’s done.

“But if a man knows that what he has done is good?

“Then he ought to apologize for it.

“To whom?

“To those who haven’t done it.”
—from Atlas Shrugged

Those lines made me think of Simon, and of my BMD wno all our lives has made every task he ever encountered simpler, every venture more succesful—only to have the weak lay hands on their achievements (peace and safety grâce à veterans like Simon, success and comfort in my BMD’s case) and water down their achievement, ”democratize” it—like B. Hussein with his ”You didnt build that”.

My consolation is that this book was written in 1957.
Get it?
We got mired in this slough before, these awful socialist ideas, this envious hatred of individual achievement and initiative and success—

And we got OUT of it!

For the sake of my daughter and of all my young friends, i hope and pray we can do so again.


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