Ben Watson, Pro-life NFL Football Player

Last night, my mother and I attended a benefit dinner for Clearway Clinic. Clearway is a crises pregnancy center with locations in Springfield and Worcester Massachusetts. They counsel young women considering abortion, they provide post abortion support to men and women who have been wounded by abortion, and they also provide medical reversal of the abortion pill. More on this later.

Ben Watson was the keynote speaker. For those, like me, who pay no attention to sports and who have no idea who Ben Watson is, here is some information on him:

Mr Watson gave a truly great speech. He spoke about the Gospel, and life and his wife and seven children, the first four of whom were born within four and a half years. He described his wife as being caught in what he called a “baby matrix.” LOL 🙂 He also spoke about the two miscarriages he and his wife suffered, and how the Christian community often isn’t great about ministering to those who have experienced the tragedy of a miscarriage. Mr Watson acknowledged that Massachusetts is often not a hospitable place for those who defend life, but encouraged us, saying, “How much brighter does a light shine in the darkness?”

I also learned something last night that I should have known, but didn’t. Chemical abortions-abortions done with the abortion pill-are now 50% of all abortions done in the U.S. This may be partly due to the fact that the number of doctors willing to perform surgical abortions has been dwindling for years.

It is possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill some of the time, in some cases, and this is a crucial part of the work that Clearway Clinic is doing. If a pregnant woman has only taken the first pill (a chemical abortion requires two pills), and if she calls as soon as possible, there is a drug that will negate the effects of the first pill, and the baby will usually live and thrive. This is the new horizon in pro-life work.

Thank you, Ben Watson, for being a voice for life!


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  1. Great post, JaC! (I’ve seen articles in various places that “credit” the Wuhan Flu for an increase in “chemical” abortions, too.)

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