Tactical Nukes of Pakistan & China And Russia-Ukraine war

My latest interview by India’s leading YouTube news channel Resonant News

I explain various aspects of nuclearweapons

Threats to India from Pakistan & China

And would it give any advantage to Russia if they use nuclear option in Ukraine


9 thoughts on “Tactical Nukes of Pakistan & China And Russia-Ukraine war

  1. Great interview! I was so struck by what you said in the very beginning-the way you were talking was the way my late husband, Robin, used to talk. About how there may have been a nuclear explosion that annihilated everything, or almost everything, at some point in the past. Robin used to wonder aloud how many times the human race had advanced only to destroy or mostly destroy itself, and then come back again. He also shared your thoughts on space and time: he believed it was very possible that UFOs were manned not by space aliens, but by humans from the future traveling back in time to observe us.

    Trippy stuff. Robin used to scare me sometimes with the way he would talk, but your thoughts and his seem to align. Great minds think alike 🙂

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        1. Thank you, Sandomina. I wish I could send a cool emoji back to you, but I don’t seem to have very many emojis on my laptop, so I just have to make due with standard smiley faces 🙂

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  2. Wonderfully personable and informative interview, Commander and friend! Great to see you, as well. Thank you for the discussion giving context to Robert Oppenheimer’s quote. Also appreciated the learning on how weapons systems actually function, considering the way the media uses language. Looking forward to the next one!

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