Another Righteous Priest Speaks Out Against Joe Biden

This video lasts around 10 minutes, and you will be riveted! This father sounds more like a Protestant minister than a Catholic priest-he is on fire. Great preaching!

5 thoughts on “Another Righteous Priest Speaks Out Against Joe Biden

    1. Yes, and this pastor’s freedom of speech is most threatened by those in power within the Catholic Church.

      Last election, Richard Neal, who represents my district, had a Sister of St Joseph doing campaign ads for him. She was all over the tv for what seemed like months. Richard Neal tells people that he is pro-life, but he only votes pro-life about half the time, if that. Besides which, why is a Sister doing political commercials? That can’t be right, but she will face no consequences. I wish we could say the same about this good priest.

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    2. P.S. Thank you, Simon, for showing us the video of the first priest speaking out against Biden. Ever since you did that, I have been getting videos of these renegade priests speaking out against Biden in my You Tube feed. I love it 🙂

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