Perhaps One’$ Last Chance to Be a Hero?

I can vouch for the founder.

37 thoughts on “Perhaps One’$ Last Chance to Be a Hero?

  1. American military guys and Christians are virtually the only people who are really helping the Ukrainian people. All these leftists want other people to go over there, but do they ever go themselves? Virtually never. God Bless Col Milburn, and Godspeed to him and his colleagues.

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      1. In most cases, yes. Franklin Graham is over there too, and I don’t think he was ever military. He was primarily who I was thinking of.

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      2. Actually, I take that back: I saw him speak at a rally here a few years ago. I cannot believe that I forgot about that. Yes, he definitely comes across as a saintly man.

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  2. “Well – to be perfectly frank – it is never a good look to beat up a preacher’s son.”

    Lol 🙂 When I lived in Alaska, they used to call preachers’ kids “preachers’ kids,” with the understanding that preachers’ kids were often wild. I never heard that expression in Massachusetts, but it was a thing in Alaska.

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      1. Well, in Alaska, the term “preachers’ kids” applied to both sons and daughters. Whether male or female, they were said to be wild 🙂

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  3. Calling down blessings, protection, wisdom, and all needed abilities for the Project Mozart participants, trainees, and supporters. Amen?

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  4. After the war when Yugoslavia broke up, that whole area was mined. It was a cause célebre fir a while—did they ever actually get rid of the things?
    Are you, our Saint, thinking of taking up this task?

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      1. That is the very reason everyone should have at least one, each Russian long haired dictionary come blowing through one’s life!
        Just sayen’


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